A clean plough furrow – a prerequisite for safe and high yields

The use of ploughs is still at the forefront for many farmers, above all as a key tool in crop establishment to reset soil and reduce weed burden, some of which may have resistance to herbicides.

Lemken Juwel plough on farm machinery article on farming website
Juwel 10 plough

Lemken ploughs are available in numerous versions and with manually 4 way or hydraulically variable working width adjustment. With extensive equipment, they can be adapted to all individual conditions. Many models are also suitable for onland use with wide tyres to protect the soil.

Juwel 6 lightweight and versatile

With the Juwel 6, Lemken introduces the little brother of the Juwel 7, 8 and 10 mounted reversible ploughs. This particularly low-draught model replaces the EurOpal and VariOpal 5 and 6 ranges, which for 25 years have been trusted companions for farmers who value good work results and durability.

The new Juwel 6 with a 110mm frame box section and an underframe clearance of 80cm is available in versions with three to five furrows. The M version offers four different working widths per body which can be adjusted mechanically. The Juwel 6 M V features an infinitely variable hydraulic working width adjustment and hydraulic frame swiveling is available as an optional extra. When combined with the iQblue Connect electronics kit, the implement can be easily transformed into a smart plough with Isobus control and connected to your farm management system.

Juwel 7 – Plough with many options

The easy to pull Juwel 7 is available in 3–6 furrow versions with four or variably adjustable working widths. Numerous equipment options of the larger Juwel 8 and 10 ploughs are also available for the Juwel 7.

Juwel 8 – The mainstay for mounted ploughs

The oldest member of the Juwel plough family, introduced in 2011 has proven itself time and again in the mounted plough market, Lemken says. The 3–7 furrow Juwel 8 impresses with a wide range of variants and available options. Like the Juwel 10, it is available with OF equipment for onland or in-furrow ploughing. The Juwel 8i has Isobus control and is therefore particularly easy to operate. The Juwel 8 mounted plough is designed for tractors up to and including 300hp.

Lemken Juwel 8 plough on farm machinery article on farming website
Juwel 8 plough

Juwel 10 – No soil too heavy

The 4–7 furrow Juwel 10 is specially designed for heavy conditions and large tractors with up to 450hp and can be an alternative to the semi-mounted plough. Like the Juwel 8, it is available with OF equipment for onland or in-furrow ploughing. For safer transport and to reduce the load on the tractor, special top link damping and a transport function are available. The optional damping cylinder in the plough headstock reduces tractor strain and protects both tractor and implement components at headlands and during road transport.

Convenient transport function

In combination with a uni wheel and hydraulic frame swiveling, the Juwel 10 M / M V is also available with special transport equipment, The frame swiveling ram offsets bumps in uneven terrain with the front steering pin serving as the pivot point. The advantage of this system also means that there is no need to uncouple the tractor top link resulting in safe and comfortable road transport for the largest of the Lemken mounted plough range.

Hydraulic overload protection OptiStone

The OptiStone overload element is easily able to deflect vertically up to 37cm and horizontally up to 20cm at the same time. It is available for the Juwel 7, 8 and 10 mounted ploughs and all semi-mounted ploughs. The system is based on a new swivel bracket with high trigger and re-entry forces to ensure that the system is triggered softly and smoothly when an obstacle is encountered. This protects both tractor and plough. The closed system of highly stable leg plates is reliably protected against dirt and foreign objects.

Plough bodies for every soil

Lemken offers the right plough body for every requirement and all soil conditions, and all ploughs are equipped with the proven Dural bodies as standard. DuraMaxx bodies made of specially hardened steel are available for a particularly long service life, states the company.

Dural: Cost-effective plough bodies

Dural plough bodies are available in many different shapes and for all conditions. Mould board and slatted bodies are based on the same basic shape. They ensure permanently good penetration of the plough with optimum work quality and low fuel consumption. The two-part shares are made of micro-alloyed boron steel. The share blades have large wear zones. The share tips are also available with carbide coating.

DuraMaxx for maximum service life

Lemken manufactures the DuraMaxx plough bodies from extremely hard steel without drilling or punching holes and without welding. It states that slats and mouldboards are not part of the supporting construction and can be used for a much longer time whilst maintaining the same working quality. DuraMaxx bodies are available as option for all ploughs. Service life is increased by up to 150% with tool-free quick exchange (up to 80% less set-up time). Another benefit with DuraMaxx plough bodies is that ploughing is possible without blockage due to large clearance behind the plough body, says Lemken.

Furrow presses

Immediately behind the plough, and thus at the most favourable moment and in the optimum moisture state, the soil is reconsolidated at the optimum depth and coarse clods are broken up.

Integrated furrow presses – FlexPack

The integrated packers are permanently connected to the plough. This makes them a simple and time-saving solution for good reconsolidation, as they do not have to be transported separately to the field, says the company. Find out more here


Effective on any soil the VarioPack furrow press is the all-rounder among the Lemken plough packers with different variants, different ring profiles and diameters and variable working widths. Find out more here

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