New electronics system optimises planter accuracy

Tillage and seeding company Väderstad is introducing the new electronic system, WSX to Tempo F, Tempo V, and Tempo L in the summer of 2024. New features have been added to ensure accuracy in the field – including automatic seed singulation, active hydraulic row-unit downforce, and curve compensation.

Vaderstad WSX electronic system for optimising planting

Since its launch 10 years ago, the high-speed precision planter Väderstad Tempo has gained interest in the European market for planters, the company says.

In summer 2024, the Tempo row-unit will be upgraded with its own, new electronic system WSX, which features brushless motors and improved cabling performance. However, the enhancement of planting accuracy will not solely derive from the WSX itself but from the new features it enables.

“The new WSX system enables us to integrate three new features to optimise the accuracy of the Tempo planter even further,” says Väderstad director of planter product management, Oskar Karlsson.

Precise seed singulation

Firstly, automatic seed singulation is introduced to ensure precise seed singulation in the seed meter without the need for manual setting.

“With sensors in each row unit, seed singulation is continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the optimum setting. Automatic singulation saves time and increases productivity in the field, a feature especially appreciated by farmers and contractors who regularly change crops,” says Oskar.

Exact planting depth

Secondly, active hydraulic row unit downforce is introduced to ensure an exact planting depth, independent of soil conditions. The system maintains the set row unit downforce by adding or releasing row unit pressure to the ground depending on soil conditions.

Vaderstad planter with WSX electronics system

For instance, when traversing a lighter field area, the pressure decreases, and when entering an area with harder soil conditions, the pressure increases.

To ensure quick response times, the system operates using hydraulics. The planter can be equipped with either active hydraulic downforce with one feedback and control for the full machine width or with individual active hydraulic downforce for each row unit.

“Active hydraulic downforce allows the driver to set optimal row unit downforce, which is automatically maintained. This ensures planting depth precision despite changing soil conditions, resulting from variations in soil type or compaction,” Oskar adds.

Enhanced tramlining

Furthermore, this functionality can enhance tramlining by preparing un-planted tracks for the subsequent sprayer. When equipped with individual active hydraulic downforce for each row unit, the planter can also use the system to relieve pressure and lift individual row units when making tramlines.

This functionality works together with the dynamic tramlining system of the planter, making tramlines clearly visible to the sprayer operator even before the crop has emerged, the company says.

Curve compensation added

The third new feature is the introduction of curve compensation, which Väderstad says ensures a consistent metering output across the entire planter width during turns.

Vaderstad WSX system
To ensure quick response times, the system operates using hydraulics.

“Gyro sensors identify when the machine is turning and adjust the metering output of each row unit to ensure a consistent rate over the full planter width,” says Oskar.

A limited series of machines will be in the field for spring 2024, with serial production starting in summer 2024.

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