Strautmann Magnon 8 forage wagons arrive in UK ahead of 2023 season

Following the successful launch of the Magnon 10 forage wagon range in 2019, agri machinery distributor Opico has launched the smaller Magnon 8 range in the UK in time for this year’s forage season.

Strautmann Magnon 8 CFS 370 with hydraulically moving front wall.

Unlike its larger sibling, the Magnon 8 is a compact machine with a loading capacity of 36m³ to 44m³ (DIN) and a smaller ‘external’ footprint to other wagons with similar DIN. Its three models (370, 410 and 450) are aimed at agricultural businesses and contractors with high demands who are in need of compact dimensions.

New features in the Magnon 8 series include a hydraulically moving front wall, which provides the wagon with increased capacity.

As the machine starts filling, the front wall is in a vertical position towards the rear of the wagon, but when the build-up of chopped grass pushes against the tailgate sensor, the front panel moves forward in three stages to increase capacity by up to 4.5 m³. This mechanism ensures maximum density is achieved throughout the loading operation.

In addition, when discharging, the front wall is hydraulically moved to the rear of the machine to assist with unloading.

Alongside standard Flex-Load pick-up and Exact Cut, all Strautmann forage wagons benefit from the Continuous Flow System (CFS) pick-up unit which ensures excellent loading while keeping power requirements low. According to the manufacturer, all CFS units provide good adaptation to ground contours, long service life and extremely easy tine change.

Moreover, the extra-wide (2.25m) CFS pick up of the Magnon 8 ensures a wide swath of grass can be collected, which is particularly useful around corners. It also means the outer edge of the rotor is kept full of forage to even out loading across the full width of the rotor.

To preserve the drive line and maximise torque, the high (1000rpm) speed through the drive line is reduced to the rotor, which is powered via an oil-bath gearbox.

New double-roller crop press with mechanically powered Flex-Load pick-up for improved material flow.

In addition, the wagon’s crop press roller has been completely redesigned to optimise forage flow into the Flex-Load pick-up, with the new double roller being larger in diameter and featuring a slip-proof profile. What’s more, a guide roller mounted behind the pick-up is available as an optional extra for optimum adaptation to the ground.

With 44 knives and a theoretical cutting length of 35mm, the Exact-Cut cutting unit guarantees chop quality and consistency, the manufacturer said. Due to a rapid-trigger protection function, the double-sided knives are automatically retracted from the conveying unit if, for example, a foreign object is detected.

The retracted knife then automatically returns to its working position, helping to keep maintenance to a minimum.

The forage box on the Magnon 8 is 2.25m wide and consists of four round steel chains (10 x 31 mm) embedded in the steel platform floor, which is entirely powder-coated for protection against corrosion. Each chain has a breaking strain of 13t.

While a boogie tandem chassis is standard on the two smaller Magnon 8 models (370 and 410), the 450 model comes with a hydraulic tandem chassis that is an optional extra for the two smaller models.

All Magnon 8 wagons come with 4 x 710/50 R26.5 wheels as standard, however, the hydraulic tandem chassis can be fitted with wheels up to 800/45 R 30.5, enabling 30.5″ tyres. As larger wheels offer increased stability, these are ideal for operating on sloping ground.

A tridem chassis with an axle load of 27t, electronic active steering and lifting axle is also offered as an option on the larger 450 model.

Last but not least, the Strautmann ISOBUS control with its intuitive menu navigation and various automatic functions is included as standard. For maintenance work, the drawbar and the cutting unit can be conveniently operated from the outside. If the tractor is not ISOBUS-compatible, a 5.7″ control terminal can also be delivered as an optional extra

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