Flagship Fendt tractor gets top marks in independent test

A year on from its launch, the flagship Fendt 728 Vario (Gen7) has come out top in an independent DLG PowerMix test which measured the performance, efficiency and fuel consumption of the 303hp tractor.

Fendt 728 Vario tractor being tested on farm

When results were compared with previously tested tractors in the 240 to 305hp sector, the Fendt 728 Vario proved to be the most economical. With a consumption of 242g/kWh (+24.2g/kWh AdBlue) in the field, it consumed 15g/kWh less than the comparable competitor machine at 257g/kWh (+16g/kWh). 

During transport work at a speed of 40km/h, the 728 achieved a peak value of 332g/kWh (+33g/kWh AdBlue), a significant saving of 16g/kWh when compared to other brands in the segment.

Moving at 50km/h, it only consumed 336g/kWh (+33g/kWh AdBlue), just 4g more than at 40km/h. And at a maximum road speed of 60km/h, this only increased by 2g to 338g/kWh (+ 33g/kWh AdBlue). 

“For operators covering high road miles the fuel efficiency of the 728 Vario will mount up and, with fuel prices rising, this will provide significant savings. For contractors harvesting and transporting crop long distances it represents a sound investment,” said Fendt’s Richard Miller. 

Fendt 728 Vario tractor being driven on the road pulling a trailer

A mixture of new engineering and technology, such as the Fendt iD low-speed concept, which enables the full torque of the engine to be realised at lower revs, and the VarioDrive drive train with pull-in turn effect that reduces the turning circle by up to 10%, the 728 makes full use of the new AGCO Power CORE75 engine.

To test a tractor, the DLG evaluates fuel and Adblue consumption under typical workloads on a rolling test bench to demonstrate energy efficiency. It also uses 12 field-based load cycles, including draft work with a plough or cultivator, PTO and mixed work. This, combined with two load cycles during transport work on the road, provides an aggregated total score.

“Fendt occupies five of the top six tractors in the overall history of the DLG PowerMix. Prior to the 728 Vario achieving this accolade, the Fendt 942 Vario with exhaust emission level V offered best value with 237 g/kWh when tested in 2019. Our mission is to provide the power needed to complete challenging farm tasks with the operational efficiency to reduce time and fuel consumption,” Mr Miller concluded.

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