New funders on board for agricultural finance specialist

UK Agricultural Finance says it is excited to announce that it has a new funder on board. With this new funding, the company now has access to £300M in funds ready to lend – and given the current economic situation, this could be just the boost your agricultural business needs.

Whether funds are required for refinancing and recovery or for expansion and new business opportunities, UK Agricultural Finance reckons it will be able to help.

The company can offer finance for a range of agricultural applications, from property finance through to diversification, and even renewables.

What makes UK Agricultural Finance different?

Lots of lenders are likely to advertise that they are different and special, but this doesn’t always transpire when it comes to working with them.

But, says UK Agricultural Finance, while the company could mention its excellent customer service or flexible lending options, this would sound like any other lender talking about how good they are. Instead, it prefers to focus on how it is tangibly different.

A niche approach is UK Agricultural Finance’s USP; while some lenders like to advertise how they can do it all, it believes strongly in its niche and knows that its expertise in agricultural finance sets it apart.

The company says it speaks the language of its borrowers and applies its finance expertise with its brokers. UK Agricultural Finance can act as a translator between borrowers and brokers to ensure the most appropriate finance option is achieved for everyone involved.

The company says feedback from its brokers suggests that it provides a better level of service than some other lenders. In a recent conversation with one of its BDMs, a broker was lamenting the robotic responses and procedures of many lenders. Commenting on UK Agricultural Finance’s approach, Paul Louis Miller from Saddleworth Independent Mortgages Limited commented: “In my dealings with UK Agricultural Finance Limited, it was refreshing to deal with a lender whose BDMs actually sounded enthusiastic and interested in my enquiry, who were willing to take time to talk through their proposition, and who had the patience to explain what they would look for to support an application and how to present it.

“They also gave me an early indication of what terms might be available and actually sounded like they wanted to lend money – with no promises of course – rather than the hoop jumping, dancing around the edges impression I have had so many times with high street lenders.

“The other great thing with UK Agricultural Finance Limited is that they don’t have a panel – or the ‘panel mentality’ – that some high street lenders have where they seem to expect you to be grateful if they even consider doing any business with you at all.”

No panels or hoop jumping

The company doesn’t use rigid lending algorithms to work out if it can lend. Instead, it uses people; UK Agricultural Finance’s BDMs are hugely experienced and speak directly with brokers and borrowers to understand their needs. Its BDMs also have direct contact with the underwriting team and credit control committee. They are given full access to argue the case for a loan, even if it doesn’t fit the magic ideal criteria.

All introducers, in whatever format they come in, can deal directly with the company’s BDM team without the need to go through an intermediary. UK Agricultural Finance is also happy to deal with borrowers directly, saying all you need to do is get in touch.

The company welcomes introducers to pick up the phone and speak to their local BDM about a deal they are working on. The experience its BDMs have also means they can guide borrowers through the application process and beyond.

Meet the BDM team

Tracey Simm – South West & South Wales: Tracey has spent her whole career in finance and banking. She gained experience in personal and commercial finance with companies including Barclays and The Money Advice Service. Tracey grew up on a family farm and has an intrinsic understanding of the rural and farming communities.

Sue McIntosh-Gibbs – Central England, Mid and North Wales: With over 35 years of experience in finance, Sue understands the opportunities and challenges facing the agricultural sector. Sue spent most of her childhood on her grandfather’s farm.

Louise Old – North England & Scotland: Louise joined UK Agricultural Finance having previously worked for Northern Rock PLC for over 15 years. Excelling in customer service, Louise enjoys building successful working relationships with introducers and especially enjoys the opportunity of meeting borrowers out on site.

Sharon Welch – East Anglia: Sharon is the company’s newest BDM and has over 17 years of experience in the financial services sector, with most of her years spent at Barclays Bank supporting a vast portfolio of clients, including agricultural enterprises.

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