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With a potentially difficult spring spraying season ahead, Farmers Guide has collated a list of the top companies providing premium services and products, as well as the latest agri-news and advice.



Top companies to consider this spraying season

Adama is a global crop protection specialist, providing solutions to combat weeds, insects and disease, so farmers can do what they do best – feed the world. A member of the Syngenta Group, the world’s largest agricultural inputs company, Adama promises to listen, learn, deliver.

The company is committed to delivering cereal growers with fungicide solutions to boost disease control with value added efficacy. Arizona, the company’s unique multi-site fungicide, provides valuable additional protection against key diseases in wheat and barley. It also delivers a reliable return on investment through enhanced disease control, and safeguards the efficacy of partner products as part of an anti-resistance strategy.


Adama FAQs


Ascenso is an off-road tyre brand owned and promoted by Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited. Over the last 3 years, Ascenso have released and added more than 700 tyre sizes to the company’s portfolio, distributing to over 85 countries.

Not only does Ascenso offer a wide range of tyres across a diverse range of applications, but it also customises solutions to suit individual customer requirements or applications, including a range specifically suited to sprayers (self-propelled and mounted).

Wide tyres, particularly low-pressure VF tyres, would be suitable during the first spraying operations at the end of the winter season the company states. In this situation, narrow row crop tyres which require higher inflation pressures and do not have a large contact area with the ground will be less suitable.


Omex Agriculture is the UK’s largest liquid and solution fertiliser company with infrastructure stretching the entire length and breadth of the country.

It has enjoyed consistent and unrivalled growth over the last few years largely as a result of growers switching to liquids from straight granular and blended fertilisers, thanks to the quality and service the company claims to offer.

Further additions to the company’s product range include a new specialised and premium quality NPKS liquid fertiliser range called Multiflo.


Dedicated to advancing and improving the current application techniques used in the agricultural industry, J & S Industries is vastly experienced and knowledgeable in providing efficient and affordable solutions to UK farmers.

The company accommodates the needs of crop farmers this spraying season with its SmartStriker X solution – a new generation ‘plug and spray’ system allowing farmers to modulate chemicals according to the needs of their crops and spray only the weeds.


Spraying news and updates


Read up on latest agri-news and advice for Spring 2024.


Multi-site efficacy

Adama says winter and spring drilled crops will need a robust programme of fungicides to ensure they achieve their true yield and quality potential.


What is the average return on investment per £1 spent for including Arizona in your programme?

The average returns from 224 comparisons (where Arizona is added at either T1, T2 or both) where £1 is spent on Arizona, you get £4 back.

What are the key benefits of Arizona?

Arizona (folpet 500 g/l) is a unique multi-site fungicide that provides valuable additional protection against key diseases in wheat and barley. Arizona delivers a reliable return on investment through enhanced disease control and safeguards the efficacy of partner products as part of an anti-resistance strategy:

  • Enhances disease control by providing additional activity against septoria in wheat, and ramularia, net blotch and rhynchosporium in barley.
  • Provides a useful reduction of yellow and brown rusts, as well as intrinsic activity against mildew.
  • Delivers a reliable return on investment by extending green leaf area duration, resulting in higher yields and enhanced crop quality.
  • Arizona’s unique folpet multi-site mode of action makes it the only fungicide which has been proven to extend the effective lifetime of at-risk fungicides by delaying the development of resistance.
What does the MSI stand for in MSI Protech?

MSI stands for the special action as a Multi-Site Inhibitor.

Protech stands for Proven Technology.

MSI Protech is the ONLY multi-site cereal fungicide technology proven to prolong the effective life of single-site partner products. Its super fine grind of active ingredient means the formulation is fully optimised for the best results.

What are the use recommendations of Arizona?

Arizona in barley use recommendations:

  • Ramularia: T2 1.0 – 1.5L/ha
  • Best guidelines for ramularia and other diseases:
    T1 1.0 – 1.5L/ha fb T2 1.0 – 1.5L/ha
  • Maximum 3.0L product/crop

Arizona in wheat use recommendations:

  • 0 – 1.5L prod/ha at T1 & T2
  • 0L prod/ha at T0
    High risk => 3 x 1.0L prod/ha (T0, T1, T2) or 2 x 1.5L prod/ha (T1, T2)
    Consider including Arizona at the first fungicide application in any crop.
  • Maximum 3.0L product/crop
What cereal diseases does Arizona help control?

Arizona provides protection against leaf spot (Zymoseptoria tritici) on wheat, triticale, leaf blotch (Rhynchosporium secalis) on barley and triticale; and net blotch (Pyrenophora teres) and ramularia leaf spot (Ramularia collo-cygni) on barley. It also provides useful activity on yellow and brown rust.

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