Modulate your chemicals for precise performance and better results

J & S Industries accommodates the needs of crop farmers this spraying season with its SmartStriker X solution – a new generation ‘plug and spray’ system allowing farmers to modulate chemicals according to the needs of their crops and spray only the weeds. 

SmartStriker X


J & S Industries is dedicated to advancing and improving the current application techniques used in the UK agricultural industry. It supplies guidance, seeding, granular and liquid application equipment, predominately where accurate and safe applications are required.

The company’s top-of-the range equipment includes metering the active ingredients of pesticides into the carrier, usually water, near to the point of application. This results in no premixed product, so it is very easy to change the individual application rates, or simply turn them off and wash out with the carrier.  

Real-time localised weeding and modulation 

SmartStriker X solution is a new generation ‘plug and spray’ system that allows farmers to modulate the chemicals accordingly to the needs of the crop and spray only the weeds in different contexts: 

  • Green on Brown for intercrop and pre-mergent weeding (up to 95% savings). 
  • Green on Green for localised catch-up weeding in crops (up to 90% savings). 
  • Modulation for herbicide, fungicide, nitrogen defanant real-time modulation. 

Application can be made: 

  • In Spot Spraying (localised spraying). 
  • In dual dose (high dose on weeds, low dose elsewhere). 
  • In modulation (dose proportional to weeds or crop biomass). 

The dual dose applies a minimum dose continuously and increases the dose according to the agronomic conditions (stage, infestation). 

Modulation applies a dose proportional to the target biomass, weeds or crop, between a low-dose and a high-dose. This is useful in dirty context weeding, or to modulate nitrogen, fungicide or insecticide. 

Thanks to its embedded artificial intelligence system, SmartStriker X takes control of farmers’ PWM to apply the right dose at the right place. 

During each operation, SmartStriker X maps the weeds and the application for optimal traceability and better monitoring of the infestation over the years. 

SmartStriker X

SmartStriker X includes a sensor, console and controller. The sensor takes and analyses pictures in real time thanks to its embedded Artificial Intelligence.

The console is the interface between the user and the system SmartStriker X, controlling the targeted weeding action in real time and creating the final map that can be used offline.

The controller receives the information from the sensors and merges it to control the spraying and create the map, also in real time.

Years of success 

Hawkeye 2

SmartStriker requires a PWM sprayer. The company recommends its most precise nozzle control system, Hawkeye 2, which ensures accurate droplet coverage.

It is up to 2.5 times more accurate out of the tip than comparable systems and provides consistency across the boom, which ensures precise droplet coverage, and optimises input costs. Raven’s legacy of performance and support means less downtime and more hectares covered. 

The next generation nozzle control valve (NCV) builds upon the previous system: individual nozzle control reduces skips and overlaps; consistent droplet rate and size reduces drift and increases application quality; and turn compensation minimises over- and under-application, achieving the ideal application rate across the boom. 

J & S Industries says that Hawkeye 2’s scalable platform sets up farmers’ operations for years of success. 

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