Väderstad NZ Extreme and Inspire now available to demo

Both of Väderstad’s new generation NZ Extreme heavy duty tine harrow and Inspire seed drill are built for precision and high-intensity performance and are now available to demo in the UK.

To ensure exact field contour, the NZ Extreme has a five-section frame, able to adapt to the field surface and maintain the selected depth.

Setting the standard in seedbed preparation

NZ Extreme is a high-performance heavy-duty tine harrow that levels the field and creates an ideal seedbed for the coming crop. Available in working widths of 12.5 to 14.25m, the machine is able to perform high-quality seedbed preparation in a wide range of field conditions – from ploughed to cultivated land.

By combining unmatched capacity with a high-intensity work result, NZ Extreme reduces the passes needed and helps retain moisture in the ground. Its five-section frame is able to adapt to the field surface and maintain selected depth, which is further enhanced by an innovative weight transfer, ingenious wheel setup and heavy-duty machine design.

Meanwhile, wide wheels distributed across the machine length and width enable high carrying capacity and ensure equal conditions for each tine, which penetrate the ground up to a depth of 10cm. Mounted on 6 axles with a tine spacing of 7.2cm, the Extreme tine concentrates its intense vibration forwards, with minimum sideways movement.

Peak performance of the Extreme tine is preserved by carefully selected raw materials, while a unique construction enables the tines to focus all the power where intended, that is crushing clods and sorting the soil to create ideal conditions for the coming seeding operation.

Whereas, the machine’s front CrossBoard Heavy tines were designed to shift large amounts of soil, providing aggressive cultivation and ensuring that clods are crushed and the soil is levelled. A double-acting stabiliser bar ensures that all CrossBoard tines work together as one unit, preventing individual tines to move forward or backward.

The result is an extremely level outcome, saving passes and providing ideal conditions for the seed drill. The five axle models can be equipped with a rear CrossBoard for additional levelling, and working intensity is easily controlled hydraulically from the cab.

Last but not least, the rear working zone on the NZ Extreme offers the possibility to add features for improved finishing. The machine is suitable for operating with tractors of 300hp and above.

Combining precision with quality performance

Väderstad’s 12m pneumatic seed drill Inspire 1200C/S offers a high-capacity output at a low draught force requirement. Available as a seed-only or seed and fertiliser model, Inspire features an adaptive double disc seed coulter system which, paired with the highly advanced Fenix III metering system, results in even emergence and strong crop growth.

The machine’s double disc seed coulter system has an excellent ability to adapt to any irregularities on the field, thereby maintaining a constant seed depth. The result is precise seed placement and an even crop emergence across the field.

A unique precision feature in the 12-metre seed drill segment is the ability to control seed output in eight separate sections, enabling sectional control down to 1.5m sections.

Inspire 1200C/S is designed for high performance with minimised downtime in the field and features a large hopper with a low filling height and large opening.

The seed-only version, Inspire 1200S, is equipped with a 5000-litre hopper for seeds, while the combi version Inspire 1200C has a 7200-litre hopper holding both seeds and fertiliser in two separate compartments. Moreover, a large platform and open machine design allows for good access to all components throughout the machine.

Inspire 1200C/S is also equipped with hydraulic wing pressure, which transfers weight from the inner section of the machine to its outer wings. This enables the machine to respond to any irregularities on the field and ensure an even emergence.

To provide an aggressive working angle but with maximum penetration force, the seed discs are mounted in an OffSet position. As a result, Inspire is able to reach the desired working depth irrespective of soil type or conditions on the field while maintaining maximum precision.

Meanwhile, row spacing has been set to 125mm for maximum yield, with research showing that this results in 20% less weeds than 150mm. Moreover, a narrow row spacing allows for a larger seed spacing, thereby lowering the fungi pressure.

In addition, Inspire 1200C/S is equipped with the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control. Väderstad E-Control wirelessly connects to the Väderstad machine, enabling full access to its functions and data. Farmers benefit from a user-friendly remote setup and calibration, as well as real-time monitoring and control.

Inspire 1200C/S can be operated with tractors of over 170hp.

Väderstad’s 12m pneumatic seed drill Inspire 1200CS in action.

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