French food producers banned from using meat names for plant protein

The French government has issued a ban on using terms like ‘steak’ and ‘ham’ for plant protein products. 

French food producers banned from calling plant products meat 

This is the second attempt by France to regulate plant based meat products as it tries to show appreciation for livestock farmers who have recently been voicing their dissatisfaction during multiple protests. 

Plant-based protein products have become very popular in France, causing significant losses for livestock farmers who not only face this issue, but also stiff competition from cheaper imported meat. 

In mid-2022, France became the first country in the European Union to introduce the ban, but the plans were blocked by an administrative court, declaring the potential implementation to be vague and wouldn’t give companies enough time to adapt. 

No more plant-based bacon 

At the end of February 2024 the French government published a new decree, which will be applicable within three months. 

The new law bans the use of 21 meat names to describe protein-based products and limits the amount of plant content in products that use certain other terms, like ‘bacon’ and ‘chorizo’. 

However, some traditional meat terms, like ‘burgers’, were not covered by the restrictions. 

Farmers take to the streets 

Livestock farmers have voiced their struggles during the number of demonstrations across France recently. 

Last week, while attending the Paris Agricultural Show, president Macron said: “I always prefer dialogue to confrontation. I am telling you that work is being done on the ground, we are in the process of simplifying things.” 

Farmers across the EU have become increasingly irked at falling prices, foreign competition, and environmental regulation. 

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