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Harvest Results – 26th September

Spring barley Harvest Results 2016

Harvest Results are now available from 18 AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) spring barley trials.

Results now include Scottish sites Tayside and Aberdeenshire. These later-harvested trials have brought the average yields of the control varieties down to 7.63t/ha (from 7.77t/ha in the last results), which is similar to the five-year average of 7.61t/ha.

To date, the highest yields are from the Herefordshire site, where the average yield is 9.10t/ha.

The 2016 values show yields based on one season from the 18 sites harvested to date.

In 2016, the fully approved brewing variety RGT Planet (106%), Origin (105%) and Laureate (104%) – which is provisionally approved for brewing and distilling – have performed well, says AHDB.

Over the longer term, RGT Planet (105%), Laureate (105%) and the feed variety Ovation (105%) are performing well. Popular varieties Concerto and Propino achieved 94% and 100% respectively.

2016 Candidates

In 2016, the potential malting varieties LG Opera, Chanson and Acorn achieved 104%, 102% and 102% respectively.

Updated results can be found at

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