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UK farmers must view supply chain businesses as partners to achieve growth

The AF Group, the largest agricultural buying group in the UK and independent provider of advice, insight, and services to the farming community, have published their new report outlining the attitude and actions needed for successful and fruitful supply chain partnerships for British farmers.

“Whilst it’s true that UK agriculture faces a huge amount of uncertainty there are actions farmers can take to increase productivity and efficiency,” comments Jon Duffy, AF Chief Executive.  “What’s needed is a change of perspective. By investing in robust supply chain relationships and partnerships, British farmers can still – despite turbulent times – position themselves to grow their businesses.” 

The report offers a challenging analysis of the agriculture sector, addressing the need to shift thinking and operations, as other sectors have, in order to meet the demands of a changing world and reduce business. To survive – and thrive – the paper urges farmers to consider their business and how they can create certainty and growth.

Key ideas examined in the report, include:

  • The State of UK Agriculture – A look at the current UK farming sector and the potential business environment it faces in the near term.
  • Supply chain partnership – How treating supply chain businesses as partners – rather than mere suppliers – opens the door to greater resources and more intricate solutions.
  • Brexit and its consequences – Even as uncertainty continues, what can we say for sure about Britain leaving the EU?
  • Partnership in action – A close look at how one business adjusted its strategy and reaped the rewards of supply chain partnership.
  • Opportunities – A combined offering of simpler transactions and better services offer genuine long-term value to customers.

“Stronger links in the supply chain are possible without sacrificing individual business identity,” adds Mr Duffy. “British agriculture is in a changing state, but that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Farmers who consider their position and forge new partnerships in the supply chain to strengthen their position will ultimately fair better than those who don’t.”

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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