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Jeremy Clarkson tries to use barking drone to herd sheep

New farmer Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he doesn’t have a sheepdog and instead tried to herd his sheep using a drone with a speaker attached to the top.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show about his new farm, which will be the subject of an Amazon Prime show, said he is “now a farmer and utterly exhausted as a result”.

He added: “I thought how hard can [farming] be; you put seeds in the ground and then weather happens and food grows and then you eat it and it’s fine or you sell it.

“It’s unbelievably difficult and at any given moment I know that a bit of machinery’s gonna cut one of my arms off. Have you ever looked at the back of a tractor? It’s just lots of different ways for removing an arm. Have you ever tried to round up a field of sheep? They’re vindictive.”

Jeremy said he tried using a drone and attaching a speaker to the top that made a barking sound, but the sheep “just stand there looking at it going why is that idiot flying that drone and they don’t move”.

When his sheep recently escaped their field, he said it took him two hours to get them back and he then realised the battery for the electric fence had gone flat.

“When I got back, they were all back in the field I’d just got them from so I had two more hours running around, got them back in, put the new battery on and as I was attaching it, they jumped over a new bit of wall and got back in the field,” he told Jonathan. “And they just stood there like what are you gonna do about it. I cannot wait to eat them.”

Jeremy also revealed he named his rams Wayne Rooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, and he “accidentally” grew 30 tonnes of potatoes for a bet.

“Somebody said you can’t grow potatoes in this part of the country,” he explained. “So I planted them and I got 30 tonnes, so if anyone needs a potato…”

Despite the hard work associated his new venture, he said: “A lot of me absolutely adores it and I’m sitting here now in London thinking soon I’ll be back on the farm.”

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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