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Rural crime: Practical ways to secure farm gates

As many farmers will be aware, trespass is considered a civilian, not a criminal offence, over which police have no current jurisdiction. With this in mind, Solar Gate Systems stresses the importance of securing gates, which can be an invitation to criminals.

While trespass is not considered a criminal offence, forcing a locked gate is deemed breaking and entering, which is illegal. Gates are rarely forced by opportunistic criminals, the company adds.

So what can you do to keep gates closed and locked, aside from a padlock and chain, which is simply not practical in a farming situation?

Solar Gate Systems has successfully developed an automatic, secure opening, closing and locking system that can be fitted to 99 per cent of farm gates to ensure that your farm gate is closed and locked when you want it to be.

In remote locations where mains power is not available, Solar Gate Systems’ award-winning Winter Harvesting solar panel mounts – combined with the latest state-of-the-art Brushless Technology motors and Smart MPPT solar chargers – will ensure that you never run out of power, the company says.

The Goliath automatic lock has a 2,000lbs holding force, snaps shut automatically and releases at the touch of your remote, or any of the other control methods that are available to suit your operation.

To find out more about securing your farm and preventing crime, visit or watch the STOP Burglar Bill video :

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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