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Unique craftsmanship inspired by the countryside

A unique range of cowhide and Toscana accessories has proved particularly popular with farmers and countryside dwellers, who can buy one-off pieces, even matching the unique markings on bags and belts to their own livestock and horses.

The mastermind behind the range, Bethany Rae, started her first business after finding her own vintage scarves were popular with the women at the ladies’ shooting events she attended. She has since rebranded to launch Bethany Rae, selling her own cowhide accessory line, where every single product is different.

We spoke to Bethany to find out more about her unique country accessories.

What inspires you when adding new products to the line?

I look for products that I am truly passionate about and love to wear myself! I look for products with quality and individuality as well as listening to my customers’ requests.

Our most recently added Toscana Sheepskin Clothing line was inspired by noticing a need in the modern country market for a product as luxurious as animal fur, where faux fur falls short. Toscana sheep are found in Spain, their hides give you the look, feel and wear of real fur, but are a meat industry by-product. I feel this is the modern alternative to fur, with a new ethical approach.

Each piece is hand crafted in London, with inclusive sizing from UK 6-24, and bespoke sizing upon request.

What are your most popular products?

My two most popular products are the Upton Cowhide Handbag and The Blandford Cowhide Belts. Customers (often in the dairy or beef industry especially!) love the unique markings on each of our bags and belts, often matching them to their own livestock or horses!

Customers also really love our caramel cowhide collection as this colour styles especially well with a very popular country brand (Fairfax and Favor!).

What I believe makes my business stand out is the opportunity for customers to choose their favourite hide from our collection. No two accessories are the same; all of our website stock is individually photographed and are one-off pieces. I am also always happy to assist in matching customers with any hide requests they may have.

What qualities did you want your products to have?

One of the most important qualities to me is that my products have exceptional workmanship. They are all made to a high standard, using top grade leather and cowhide. Our Toscana is some of the finest sheepskin in the world, each made by Toscana specialist craftsmen.

Another quality is how different we are from other country accessories. The very unique nature of cowhide allows my customers to own a one-off piece, that’s just a little different. I also believe that they stand out from the crowd, creating a statement piece for any country woman to use in wellies or heels!

Are you planning new products for the future?

Absolutely! As the business grows, I am always on the lookout for new product inspiration. The great thing about cowhide is its wonderful versatility. We are planning to continue to expand our accessory line with a rucksack, and eventually expand into homeware and footwear!

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  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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