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Don’t forget herbicide applications in new clover leys

With around 50% of all newly sown leys in the UK now thought to contain clover, growers are being reminded that a key tool for the successful establishment of clover leys is available once more.


Simon Francis, commercial technical manager at FMC, explains an increasing number of farmers are now wanting to establish nitrogen-fixing clover leys as a result of rising fertiliser costs, but weeds can put significant pressure on these leys.

“Annual weeds like chickweed are incredibly competitive and can smother grass leys, particularly those containing clover, which can make it difficult for the crop to establish in its first year,” he says.

“Therefore, it’s important for growers to control those weeds that compete strongly with establishing clover leys with an herbicide that’s ‘clover-safe’.

“Triad SX is one example of such an herbicide and comes as a granular product, formulated with SX technology, which makes it easy to use and allows a reduced wash out of the spray tank compared to the previous tablet formulation.

“With an application period between 1st March and 31st October, if growers need to make their grassland herbicide application this autumn, it’s important they get them applied soon.

“As with all clover ‘safe’ products, it’s important to check the growth stage of clover in the sward following application, so please speak to your agronomist and read the label for information on how to use Triad SX safely and effectively.

“This will help growers to effectively control a range of problematic annual weeds, allowing them to get the grass off to a good start and helping strong sward development to suppress further weed growth,” he says.

To find out more about Triad SX speak to your agronomist or visit https://fmc-agro.co.uk/herbicides/triad-sx

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