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New grain moisture analyser brings host of improvements

Dickey-john, which pioneered the use of 149MHz/UGMA technology when its GAC 2500 was released in 2010, introduces its all-new GAC 2700-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer.

Since the release of the GAC 2500, grain operations around the world have come to trust its accuracy when making conditioning and storage decisions, Dickey-john says.

The new Dickey-john GAC 2700-UGMA grain moisture analyser is designed to provide the same high level of accuracy to the grain moisture analysis market because it uses the same 149MHz technology.

The GAC 2700 has been designed to provide confidence to security-conscious operations that the analyser being used as the basis for commerce employs enhanced security to protect the instrument. Dickey-john says the GAC 2700 is its most secure grain moisture analyser yet.

It is a continuation of the Dickey-john tradition of bringing innovation to the grain moisture analyser market.

The user interface has been completely redesigned with a drop-down menu that allows the user to have instant access to other screens within the instrument, similar to modern web page development best practices.

The GAC 2700 is designed with an improved, brighter and larger touchscreen that offers visibility and navigation improvements compared to other testers. The end result is a grain moisture analyser that improves the processing time within grain operations.

Benefits include:

  • Repeatable accuracy: GAC 2500-level accuracy provides confidence that you’re making decisions based upon accurate data
  • Faster processing: Rapid Analysis Mode reduces the measurement process time to get trucks moving through your facility
  • Improved usability: Reduces training with an interface and navigation that is as simple as a smartphone app
  • Enhanced security: Provides you with the ability to customise instrument access to specific employees.



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