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Simple waste solutions for glamping sites

Glampsan general manager Jon Trelfa shared his advice on toilet and waste management options for diversified farms wanting to offer camping facilities.

As we recover from the Covid-19 era, there is surely no better time to start or expand your ‘staycation’ business. While booking an overseas holiday may not be the wisest of decisions right now, as UK lockdown measures ease, the glamping industry is buoyant, enticing and expanding.

There is a pent-up demand to get away from it all, to enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors, denied us for so long.

For landowners and glamping businesses, diversifying into glamping is all about putting your guests first, now more so than ever. After all, when guests are spending their hard-earned cash with you, they want to relax and enjoy the outdoor life, and spend time with family and friends in a safe ‘off-grid’ environment.

A happy guest will be a returning guest and where people are staying, there will always be a need to provide toilets and washing facilities. So, whatever washing and toilet solutions you provide for your guests, there will be an implication in how you capture and control the waste.

Glampsan offers an ‘evolution’ of toilet and waste handling solutions. At one end of the spectrum, it provides composting, separating and low volume flush toilets, which tick plenty of green credential boxes by reducing water consumption, the company says. Towards the middle of the range, you may need waste collection tanks – above or below ground – to capture grey and black water for later removal by a waste collection company.

Collection tanks are particularly suitable if you have supplied water for flushing toilets, washing facilities and showers, but you can’t access a mains sewer for the waste, Jon says.

If you want to avoid storing waste in a collection tank, you might need a sewage lifting station or waste pump from Glampsan’s range, to move waste across your site – perhaps to an existing septic tank. At the top end of the range is a sewage treatment plant/septic tank.

Glampsan is a market-leading supplier of a host of solutions, backed up by its passion for customer service.

Visit www.glampsan.com or contact the company directly for more information on the range.

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