E10 biofuel rollout “good news for farmers”

NFU welcomes news that eco-friendly fuel will be available by this autumn, providing a boost to UK wheat and sugar sectors, whilst helping to deliver the government’s green agenda.

Grain drying, handling and storage solutions for all budgets

A closer look at Perry of Oakley Ltd’s product range, which promises to fit all capacities and budgets.

“Barn Owl Wireless eased my grain store management considerably”

Thirty per cent of yearly food waste on UK farms is cereals, with a value of £26m for wheat alone, according to data collected by the charity WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme). Agri-tech innovator Martin Lishman Ltd believes that there is huge potential to reduce the amount of waste on farm simply by promoting best storage practice.

Secure your grain store

Farmers invest large amounts of capital, time and effort into producing and harvesting their crop. The storage of the grain post-harvest is a crucial part of that dedicated process.

Accounting for heavy rainfall when planning nitrogen applications

Crops got off to a good start in autumn due to favourable establishment conditions. However, as Natalie Wood, Country Arable Agronomist at Yara, warns, higher rainfall levels in December and January may well have caused issues below the surface that you should be aware of when planning for first applications of nitrogen.

Company celebrates 45 years of UK and global business success

The Omex Group is celebrating 45 years of serving a growing world population with sustainable food, energy and water. It has become a dynamic group of companies specialising in complex liquid formulations for use in industries ranging from agriculture to energy.

Boron deficiencies in oilseed rape could pose a threat this spring

As wet and cold weather continues to challenge growers over winter, boron deficiency could pose a significant threat to the promising oilseed rape (OSR) crops this spring.

Cereals offers early bird tickets for free

Cereals 2021 is offering free early bird tickets for visitors who register before the end of March, enabling people to finally look forward to a physical event.

Now is the time to monitor your soil for greater sustainability

UK soils have changed greatly in the last few decades. 97% of sampled soils show sulphur deficiency and low organic matter levels are commonplace across arable land. How can we monitor our soils to ensure a robust sustainable practice while, at the same time, promoting higher yields?

The perfect multi-site partner for spring fungicide programmes

As a multi-site inhibitor, Arizona (500g/l folpet) is the ideal addition to cereal fungicide programmes this spring thanks to its ability to boost yields by providing cost effective efficacy against septoria, rhynchosporium and ramularia.

Partnership means high-spec cost-effective solutions

With over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing bulk materials handling, drying and storage equipment, Perry of Oakley Ltd provides high quality machinery to a wide variety of industries, including farms, commercial grain stores, waste and aggregate industries, feed and pet food, pharmaceutical and biomass industries, and many others.

New seed treatment enables rapid growth and emergence in sugar beet trials

A new seed treatment, launched in November 2020 at the digital CropTec show, is demonstrating impressive sugar beet yield improvements and substantially reduced dirt tare, in on-going trial programmes.

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