Four new pea and bean varieties added to Descriptive List

Spring bean varieties LG Viper, LG Sphinx and Allison have joined winter bean Norton on the PGRO’s 2021 Descriptive List.

Spring seed considerations

David Bouch, Hutchinsons National Seeds Manager, provides his thoughts on spring 2021 and recommendations for spring seed varieties.

English sparkling wine leading global innovation

English sparkling wine is fast becoming a leader on the global stage – not just for its exceptional quality and dedicated producers, but also with the industry’s thirst to drive innovation, according to Defra.

‘Revolutionary’ separator has best-selling year

2020 has been the most successful year to date for the Evolution separator, which in the past 15 years has sold in excess of 650 units to over 30 countries.

Looking ahead to spring cropping strategies for 2021

With more successful autumn drilling being completed this year compared to last, Farmers Guide asked some growers their thoughts for the spring 2021 season. Heather Briggs reports.

Is there a real market for specialist spring cropping?

With the loss of neonics sending OSR out of favour as a break crop, and more unpredictable weather leading to a dearth of winter plantings in the last couple of years, could one of the more niche spring cropping options be ready to take a prominent place in the rotation? Rachel Hicks reports.

PGRO to modernise 2020 variety data for peas and beans

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) will launch its first ever Descriptive List for pea and bean varieties next month.

Striking the Right Balance with Winter Cereal Crops

Across the country 2020 yields suffered due to various weather issues, so many farmers will be keen to get their winter crops off to an early start in an effort to secure better yields next year. Consequently, many fields have already been sown with winter cereal crops.

Revisiting cover cropping in Scotland could be saviour in increasing weather extremes

Looking again at using cover crops to build soil structure and mitigate the effects of increasing weather extremes could reap benefits for farmers in Scotland.

Dormancy dilemma for black-grass decisions

Black-grass dormancy rates of over 80% in tests this year gives growers and agronomists a clear indication for the most successful control strategies for the season.

Surge in interest in growing hybrid rye for grain set to continue

An increase in demand for rye grain in pig feed, either as pellets, or as wet or dry meal in home ‘mill and mix’ rations has led to a recent surge in interest in growing hybrid rye according to James Maw, Managing Director of Glencore Agriculture UK Ltd.

Emergency authorisation for linseed desiccant secured

The industry is in a better position to protect the quality and yield of linseed seed crops this harvest, thanks to a new emergency authorisation of a desiccant secured by AHDB.

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