Fruit Focus returns to Kent this summer

Fruit Focus 2021, the premier event for the fruit industry, will open its doors to physical visitors on 21st July 2021 with no restrictions. 

Britain’s first national berry month this July

The first National Berry Month – dedicated to celebrating Britain’s most loved berries – is almost upon us. 

Focus on nutrition for improved forage maize crop yields

Achieving the highest yields possible from your forage maize programme can be dependent on many things. One area in which we do have control is through establishing a robust nutrient management programme.

Common diseases for pulse farmers to look out for this season

Pulse growers are being advised to familiarise themselves with the symptoms, risk factors and management options for key diseases in peas and beans this season.

After a delayed start to the season British strawberries hit supermarkets across the UK

The first crops were delayed by poor weather but producers say volumes looking good for the season ahead. With AVA Berries confirming that this week over 74 tonnes of premium Scottish-grown strawberries will hit supermarket shelves across the UK.

Strawberry crop expected to be bigger, better and juicier this year

Cooler weather and slower growth set to reap rewards for this year’s crop, says British Summer Fruits.

Frost protection for flowering fruit crops with new natural anti-freeze bio-stimulant

AminoA ICEAAX stimulates the production of anti-freeze protein in flowering fruit crops

Cover crop of the year yields carbon-busting results

A contest involving 50 North Yorkshire farmers has removed nearly 3,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere in just two months – the equivalent of flying from London to New York 4,000 times.

100 businesses pledge to increase vegetable consumption across the UK

The Peas Please project, which works to make vegetables more appealing, accessible and affordable for everyone now has 100 major businesses pledgers signed up. 

AgVantage joins forces with RWL Services

As part of its plans to expand coverage across the country, AgVantage UK Ltd has agreed a new partnership with RWL Services Ltd, enhancing support for the Dewulf brand across the UK.

PGRO advises growers to get ready for pest monitoring

Measuring pest populations should be carried out before any decisions are made on applying insecticides, the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has advised growers.

Cold spell delays maize planting

Average soil temperatures are too low for drilling maize just yet warns Simon Preece, Corteva Promoter in SW England and South Wales. The recent dry weather means the land is workable but don’t be tempted to drill in the open for at least another week or two.

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