Sugar beet contract agreed for 2022

NFU Sugar and British Sugar have today announced a one-year sugar beet contract from 2022, including the continuation of the Virus Yellows assurance scheme and the futures-linked contract.

Sugar beet workers reminded of stewardship safety guidelines

Stewardship guidelines aimed at protecting workers hand-pulling bolters and weed beet from sugar beet crops were introduced by Bayer in 2018 with the intention of promoting product stewardship and operator safety.

Sugar beet farmers on alert as cold weather slows both growth and aphid migration

Despite the unseasonably cold weather continuing across much of the UK, sugar beet growers must continue to monitor aphid migration closely to best protect crops until they reach the critical 12-leaf growth stage

Getting the most from your sugar beet crop

A particularly cold April has put more pressure on sugar beet farmers than usual, making it vital that every possible action is taken to ensure yields are optimised and able to fulfil their potential. The key to achieving this? A robust nutrient management programme.

Insecticide gets emergency authorisation for sugar beet

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued an emergency authorisation (EA) for the use of InSyst (acetamiprid) on sugar beet.

New seed treatment enables rapid growth and emergence in sugar beet trials

A new seed treatment, launched in November 2020 at the digital CropTec show, is demonstrating impressive sugar beet yield improvements and substantially reduced dirt tare, in on-going trial programmes.

Govt approves emergency use of neonic for sugar beet this year

Farmers are expected to be able to use a product containing thiamethoxam for the treatment of sugar beet seed in 2021, under strict conditions.

Red Tractor asks farmers to help shape future standards

The UK’s leading farm assurance body, Red Tractor, is urging farmers to engage in a consultation on how its farm standards should evolve.

First ever sugar beet pricing platform launched

The platform will initially be tested by a pilot group of growers as part of a year-long pilot programme.

Abandon sugar import quota, growers urge government

NFU Sugar has urged the government to abandon its proposed tariff-free quota for raw cane sugar imports because of its potential to undercut British growers with sugar grown in ways that would be illegal in the UK, threaten the viability of a British success story and undermine the government’s commitment to developing countries.

Ground-breaking changes announced for 2021 sugar beet contracts

British Sugar and NFU Sugar have concluded negotiations for one-year and three-year sugar beet contracts from 2021, including a ground-breaking new Virus Yellows assurance fund and an innovative futures-linked contract pilot.

Disease succeeds virus in sugar beet crops

As the first signs of rust (Uromyces betae) and powdery mildew (Erysiphe betae) are reported in crops, growers should prepare to make the first of two fungicide applications advised by the BBRO to protect yield potential.

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