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Vets call on retailers to defend food standards

Vets are calling on the retail and food service sector to give priority to British produce, even if future trade deals enable the import of foods produced to lower standards.

New VetTech service to cut hassle and drive farm animal health

Willows Vet Group have launched a VetTech service to support with essential tasks to improve animal health, welfare and productivity on-farm.

Watch out for worms whilst weaning lambs

“Weaning is a very useful management tool, allowing allocation and prioritisation of the dry matter available, but it has to be weighed up against potential pit falls such as the challenge they could face from worms.”

Integrated parasite control on cattle farms

The Control of Worms Sustainably in cattle (COWS) group has published the final chapter in its updated Guide, bringing together key technical messages from other new chapters on roundworms, lungworm, liver and rumen fluke and ectoparasites.

Anpario launches Orego-Stim TD

Producers can now take control of the health management of individual gestating and lactating sows with Anpario’s new easy application product, Orego-Stim TD, which can be top dressed to sow daily rations. 

Helping farmers to bridge the biosecurity gap

Taking precautions against incoming vehicles, and keeping visitors to your livestock buildings to a minimum, are both an important part of protecting your herds from the spread of disease.

Pig industry antibiotic results released

The latest antibiotic usage figures for the UK pig industry show that levels remain unchanged last year, despite significant disease challenges.

African swine fever vaccine protects 100 per cent of trial pigs

Scientists from the Pirbright Institute say they are one step closer to finding a vaccine for African swine fever, as a recent trial found all immunised pigs were protected from severe disease.

Deosan launches new environmentally friendly lameness product

Deosan HH+ is the latest product to join the Deosan range and aims to effectively target lameness, an issue that is currently costing the dairy industry more than 1p per litre of milk produced on the farm, according to AHDB.

Blowfly risk rises to ‘medium’ in some regions

The risk of blowfly strike has now risen to ‘medium’ in parts of southern and central England, according to real-time updates produced by Elanco and the National Animal Disease Information Service (Nadis).

Time to remain vigilant for fluke despite COVID-19

Last winter may have seen a relatively low incidence of fluke across the UK, but there are still individual farms reporting problems with chronic fluke in sheep warn SCOPS/COWS experts.

A new survey aims to improve flock health and nutrition in European sheep

A European sheep network is calling on farmers and others in the industry to share their challenges and needs in a bid to improve flock health, nutrition and management practices.

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