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Managing grassland effectively during high fertiliser pricing

With fertiliser costs spiking, effective management of your grassland is vital for ensuring growth potential and a strong ROI. On a recent Yara ‘Grow the Future’ podcast, Philip Cosgrave, country grassland agronomist at Yara, offered his thoughts and advice considering the current circumstances.

Making your autumn grass reseeding a success

Reseeding your grassland farm can be a challenging prospect, though worth the effort. New swards can offer improved dry matter (DM) yield and improve nutrient use efficiency on your farm.

Manufacturer expands range for grassland farmers

Weaving Machinery has expanded its Samasz range of grassland equipment, combining robust and innovative design with affordable prices to meet the needs of UK farmers, whatever the size of their business.

A UK first for the Muthing MU-Pro/F Vario

Specialist agriculture sector dealership K O Machines have recently supplied an 8.6m Muthing MU-Pro/F Vario front and rear mounted hydraulic folding flail to Newport, Shropshire based, leading UK salad grower, PDM Produce.

New flail mower models improve flow of material

KRM (Keith Rennie Machinery Ltd) has announced an update to its range of flail mowers.

Pöttinger to launch virtual trade fair

As Covid-19 prohibits face-to-face machinery trade fairs, Pöttinger will launch its new products for the 2020/2021 financial year directly into its customers’ living rooms and offices, with a new virtual trade fair this month.

Further free range egg expansion “unnecessary and unsustainable”

According to the British Free Range Egg Producers Association, if the free range egg sector continues to expand at the current rate it will create a significant oversupply situation, driving down the price paid to farmers and reducing profitability yet further.

The benefits of mulching

Rotary flail manufacturer Muthing say their integral Mulching System MMS and new Vario System offers both time and financial benefits when compared to cutting and collecting on all areas of grass maintenance.

NSA challenges short sighted research on replacing sheep farming with forests

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has hit back at claims from new research that suggest traditional farming methods should be halted, with trees planted where sheep now graze.

Supplement block boosts forage intake and digestion

Livestock producers looking to make the most of grazed forage can increase intake and digestion by 10 per cent when supplementing pastures with a nutrient-rich Rumevite block, says Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco.

Take advantage of autumn conditions to reseed pastures

Farmers who missed out reseeding fields in this year’s dry spring can still upgrade their pastures now by carrying out an autumn reseed.

Could outwintering in-calf heifers save you money?

Farmers who are short on silage or worried about straw supplies for the winter should think about whether outwintering in-calf heifers to reduce winter rearing costs, says AHDB.

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