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Red alert for high worm egg counts as warm, wet weather persists

Sheep farmers are advised to be on their guard against Nematodirus and stomach worms as warm and wet weather sees egg counts spike.

Trace elements for lambs

Lambs can be prone to a great number of health and productivity problems while on pasture and many succumb to borderline trace element and vitamin deficiencies. Veterinary pharmacologist and advisor to Provita Ltd, Dr T.B Barragry, offers a guide to the most common deficiencies and the benefits of drenches.

‘First of its kind’ vaccination guideline to support cattle and sheep farms

NOAH has launched the Livestock Vaccination Guideline to help vets, SQPs and farmers improve the health and welfare of UK cattle and sheep – as well as farm resilience and sustainable improvements in productivity.

SCOPS issues nematodirus warning for later lambing flocks and cooler areas

While many 2022-born lambs have developed immunity to nematodirus, there is still a ‘sting in the tail’ for younger lambs and in parts of the country where temperatures have been slow to increase this spring.

Free forecasting service to help protect health of 2022-born lambs

The Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group is continuing to offer its Nematodirus Forecast free of charge, providing a vital service for sheep farmers, vets and advisers to protect the health of lambs born this spring.

Warmer weather prompts nematodirus warning

The rise in temperatures in recent days means an increased risk to lambs from hatching nematodirus, says the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (Scops) group.

Sheep sector expresses serious concerns over P&O news

After P&O Ferries announced it is making serious operational changes, the National Sheep Association has shared concerns over the impact on movement of breeding sheep and goods between GB and Northern Ireland.

Natural alternatives to watery mouth prevention

Since the delisting of the primary method of watery mouth prevention and treatment, there is a need for alternative methods. Dr Tom Barragry, a vet, veterinary pharmacologist and advisor to Provita Animal Health, shares some guidance.

Subsidised testing scheme available to ID early lamb loss causes

MSD Animal Health has launched its 2022 FlockCheck diagnostic scheme, which allows sheep farmers in England, Scotland and Wales to ask their vet to blood test their flock for exposure to toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion (EAE)

Farmers urged to administer quarantine worming dose to all incoming sheep

Sheep farmers are being advised that all incoming stock, including sheep returning from winter grazing, should be quarantined and dosed with one of the newer wormer groups to prevent resistant worms being brought onto the farm.

HMRC urged to remove silage wrap from proposed plastic tax

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is urging HMRC to reconsider and remove silage wrap from the plastic packaging tax due to come into force from the 1st April 2022.

Tackling tick-borne disease

With risk of tick-borne diseases changing as new seasonal and geographical patterns emerge, Ruminant Health and Welfare (RH&W) has brought together a new online resource to help farmers and vets to tackle these diseases.

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