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Power Purchase Agreements for diversifying into power generation

If you’re a farmer who produces more energy than you use, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your excess power back to the grid as a source of revenue. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) could help you achieve best value by agreeing to sell to a third party, often at a fixed price and for a set period.

New partnership offers £500,000 boost to farm sustainability research

AHDB and BBSRC are partnering to invest £500,000 in UK agriculture to help the industry transition to more sustainable practices, and ultimately net zero carbon by 2040.

NFU calls for delay and urgent review of BPS reductions in 2022 and 2023

The NFU is calling for an urgent review of Defra’s future farming programme for England, including the postponement of Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) reductions in 2022 and 2023, as farmers and growers continue to deal with multiple challenges which are causing severe disruptions to essential food producing businesses.

Drax and NFU partner to boost UK energy crop market

Drax and NFU aim to support the UK’s decarbonisation goals and provide diversification opportunities for British farmers as they adapt to new UK agricultural policies.

Supporting farmers towards net zero with 5 key steps

Defra is continuing to produce a suite of guidance centred around five key areas where farming businesses can take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and move their business towards net zero.

Getting started with solar

Whether you want to make the most of your existing solar tech, or you’re looking to diversify into renewables to improve your green credentials but not sure where to start, you’re not alone.

Animal Rebellion protesters target largest dairy factory in the UK

In the early hours of this morning, protestors occupied the distribution dairy factory of Arla Foods, the multinational company which is one of the largest manufacturers of dairy in the world.

Government plans to release beavers into the wild

Defra has announced plans to release beavers in to the wild in England, opening up a landmark consultation on the 25th of August 2021. The consultation marks a cautious step towards further reintroductions and establishing native beaver populations.

New fungi project to help farmers look after their ancient grasslands

Now operating in Yorkshire the National Trust’s new fungi project will help farmers protect their grassland and promote biodiversity

John Lewis turns unused British wool into mattresses

Waitrose has announced that it is teaming up with its sister company John Lewis to make sustainable bedding by using wool from sheep farmers in Wales and England.

New report reveals carbon footprint data from almost 2,000 dairy farms

The collective findings of the carbon footprints of 1,964 UK dairy farms have been released by the farmer owned cooperative Arla Foods as it reveals how its farmers are using data to drive down the carbon footprint of its milk.

Combining regenerative ag with diverse income streams

Ben Taylor-Davies, aka RegenBen, spoke at Groundswell this year. He discussed how the main focus of his farm is giving something to the next generation.

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