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Benchmarking essential to beat ongoing volatility

Knowing that farm security was about more than just producing high yielding crops, Andrew Ward set about benchmarking every part of his business several seasons ago. Now he and his team of Ruben Sampson and Tom Hyland are going a stage further with a carbon audit with the NFU.

Hundreds of schools enter food waste Lab Coat Competition

Proving that food security and agriculture are of interest to the younger generation, this year’s Baylab Lab Coat Competition saw a sizeable number of entries.

Choosing the right Power Purchase Agreement for your organisation

If you’re an independent generator who produces more energy than you use, you can sell your excess power back to the grid as a source of revenue. But first, you’ll need a supplier to do it.

Witham Group named exclusive supplier of eco-friendly rust preventative lubricant

Award-winning lubricant Prolan meets the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, as well as protecting components from rust and expanding the life of parts.

Gareth Wyn Jones urges policymakers to listen to farmers

Welsh farmer speaks out to Welsh Government on securing a brighter future for the nation, as part of a special broadcast to raise awareness of the work being done to look after the Welsh landscape.

Environment Agency warns of ongoing flood risk following Storm Franklin

The Environment Agency is urging communities in parts of the West Midlands and Yorkshire, especially those along the Rivers Severn and Ouse, to be prepared for significant flooding following high rainfall from Storm Franklin.

Spring webinars address carbon concerns

Issues relating to natural capital and the voluntary markets now opening up will be addressed at regular webinars hosted by Trinity AgTech and Trinity Natural Capital Markets (NCM) this spring, starting on Thursday 24 February.

Nature-friendly farming group helps wildlife across 28% of their land

A new report from The Wildlife Trusts reveals that nature-friendly farmers from the Jordan’s Farm Partnership have provided an area greater than Cambridge for farmland wildlife as part of their efforts to boost nature’s recovery. The group of over 30 cereal farmers are proving that commercial agriculture can flourish while also restoring nature. 

Government’s nature plans ‘at severe risk of failure’, peers warn

Ambitious nature-based solutions will not work without farmers and land managers, a House of Lords committee has said in a new report, which calls for a new advisory service.

Creating a ‘greener’ culture for a sustainable future

In an industry where, traditionally, additives, chemicals and fossil-based products and energy are essential to the manufacturing process, Witham Group has challenged itself to ensure, wherever possible, the environment is at the heart of the company’s activities – as well as helping others to become more sustainable.

Warwickshire farmers benefit from environmental support

With increasing pressure on farms to reduce environmental impacts and adhere to a rising number of standards, the Arden Farm Wildlife Network allows farmers to access free guidance to improve habitats and, potentially, farm productivity too. Farmers Guide teamed up with The Wildlife Trusts for a series of articles to learn more about its work with farms…

ADAS researchers co-author paper in Nature Food promising to transform global agriculture

Productive relationships between farmers and scientists are crucial to solving the urgent challenges facing agriculture such as food security and net zero, according to an international team of researchers which includes ADAS crop physiologists and inventors of the Yield Enhancement Network, Prof Roger Sylvester-Bradley & Dr Daniel Kindred.

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