Keeping on top of farm health and safety

Risk and Safety Compliance (RASCS) offers local expert advice to help farmers keep staff safe and meet their legal and ethical health and safety requirements.

With various safety risks and challenges to manage, farmers may benefit from local expert advice.

As farm safety rises up the agenda, it is well known that the industry’s rate of workplace fatalities is 18 times higher than the average. In an industry with various risks and challenges to manage, farmers may benefit from local expert advice in keeping staff safe and meeting legal and ethical requirements to train staff in health and safety.

As well as staff training, all farmers and land managers are required to carry out risk assessments and safe systems of work, as well as getting lifting machinery inspected annually. Health and safety offences can attract large fines or even imprisonment, warns health and safety expert Risk and Safety Compliance (RASCS).

The company offers knowledgeable and dedicated local consultants who get to know you and your farm, ensuring you are HSE compliant, your business risks are reduced and staff are safe and fully trained.

RASCS says it can help with anything from a Competent Person Advisory Package; ISO audits; health and safety assessments; a Covid-19, legionella or fire risk assessment; asbestos management removal; statutory engineering inspections or first aid training.

With extensive experience in the farming and agricultural sector, the company carries out full site health and safety inspections, farm safety training, toolbox talks and risk profiling of all the hazards associated with farming.

A comprehensive and prioritised action plan will be provided to get your farm safe and HSE compliant.

It offers an online training course aimed at all employees in farming and landed estates work, taught by Richard Wade who has an in-depth knowledge of health and safety in these sectors.

In this course he covers the main contents of the HSE guidance ‘What a Good Farm Looks Like’.

Risk management and safety compliance can be a complex and costly minefield if not managed correctly, the company says, with legislation constantly changing, accreditations evolving and employee training regularly needing updating.

Experience and expertise from someone who understands the ups and downs and the ins and outs of what you need – and what you don’t – is therefore beneficial. RASCS also promises to demystify the jargon and make sense of the mire of small print.

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