TB conference to promote collaboration across industry

Returning for its second year, the National TB conference is a platform for farmers and industry stakeholders to come together and discuss the challenges of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) and the barriers that remain towards a disease-free future.

The conference, held at the Sixways Stadium in Worcester on 29th November, is the brainchild of Kingshay veterinary consultant Sarah Tomlinson and organised via the TB Advisory Service (TBAS).

The event brings together speakers and organisations from all walks of the industry, including the Defra minister of state Lord Benyon, FCN’s CEO Dr McCann, representatives from the bTB Partnership and the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA).

Mrs Tomlinson explained why it is important for the industry to work together when it comes to achieving a bTB-free future.

“There’s more to be gained from collaborating as we’re going to be able to better support farmers at every opportunity to reduce and ultimately put an end to bTB outbreaks.”

Dr Jude McCann, who is among the line-up of speakers confirmed for the conference, said the event offers an invaluable opportunity to have all stakeholders who are affected by bovine tuberculosis (bTB) together under one roof.

“The implications of the disease are wide ranging with huge knock-on effects on communities, farm businesses and industries, especially so when a bTB breakdown occurs,” he explained.

“This event is a true one-off in that its panel of representatives and the discussions will offer advice, insight and the chance to discuss the challenges, and make important decisions in an open forum with a representative cross section of the industry’s stakeholders.”

He said FCN has been working to better understand the impact of bTB on the farming community.

“FCN is undertaking research to explore the emotional, financial and physical impacts of bTB and the long-term ramifications these may have had on the farmer, farm family or farm business to gain a snapshot of the realities facing them currently,” Dr McCann remarked.

“The hope is that the findings from this research will also offer insights into farmers’ experiences of government policies to control and eradicate bTB, so we can work together across the industry to help improve support to those at risk or affected by a bTB breakdown.”

Tickets are now available for the conference, which is taking place on Wednesday 29th November from 9am to 4.30pm Tickets cost £75 per person and can be booked here.

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