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Latest SenseHub update offers lifetime herd monitoring and enhanced milk analysis

The new version of cow monitoring software SenseHub Dairy from MSD Animal Health now exclusively offers lifetime herd monitoring in addition to next-level insights into behavioural patterns, milking trends and milk quality.

The SenseHub Dairy system puts herd managers in control of their cows and heifers by constantly monitoring behavioural patterns for the purposes of reproduction efficiency, health monitoring, group wellbeing assessment and nutritional insights.

Thanks to the integration of a new youngstock monitoring feature, the latest version of SenseHub Dairy (version 7) is now the only system offering full lifetime monitoring to producers.

The update also brings two in-line milk monitors into the SenseHub Ecosystem, both of which enable dairy farmers to gain an improved understanding of their herd’s milk yield and quality.

The SenseHub MilkPlus Sensor monitors critical milk data such as yield, fat, protein, lactose, blood and conductivity, while the SenseHub Somatic Cell Count Sensor provides individual somatic cell count (SCC) results within two minutes of the start of milking. Both are compatible with any type or make of milking parlour.

Further updates include two new service plan options: the entry-level ‘Essential’ package for smart automation technologies and milk monitoring, and the fully integrated ‘Lifetime’ plan for herd managers who want greater control throughout the entire herd lifecycle.

“In addition to heat detection and monitoring for the potential signs of ill health in heifers and calves, the latest version of SenseHub Dairy also enables herd managers to assess the health and productivity of calves from birth to 12 months of age,” explained Paul Mitcham, national sales manager (monitoring) at MSD Animal Health.

“It also allows herd managers to use the SenseHub Ecosystem to monitor and assess a range of milk quality indices for individual animals as they are being milked,” he added.

With the data automatically stored, analysed and clearly displayed via the SenseHub app’s customisable milk reports and graphs, herd managers can instantly assess behavioural patterns, milking trends and milk quality for individual cows, groups of animals, and the entire herd, Mr Mitcham continued.

“This next level of insight ensures each and every animal is being managed precisely and efficiently, and gives herd managers the confidence to make herd management decisions based on proven data.”

For farmers who want access to the milk quality insights but don’t want to monitor heat and health indicators, the SenseHub Dairy system is now compatible with Allflex Livestock Intelligence’s EID (Electronic Identification) ear tags.

Meanwhile, farmers who want to monitor their herd for the entirety of the animals’ lives, can spread the costs of the new ‘Lifetime’ application plan by signing up to a SenseHub GO subscription.

“With zero upfront costs, a GO subscription gives farmers access to the full suite of SenseHub monitoring hardware and software for one affordable monthly payment,” Mr Mitcham explained.

“With no hidden extras or additional costs, a GO subscription future-proofs the farm’s investment into herd monitoring and offers farmers complete peace of mind by giving them access to the very best herd monitoring and automation technologies with none of the financial risks or capital depreciation losses.”

For more information, visit: https://www.msd-animal-health-hub.co.uk/farmers/livestock-monitoring.

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