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Tillage company adds 4m model to the tillage system line

Whether it’s residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation or creating a seedbed prior to planting, the unique diamond-shaped Kelly Tillage System offers a wide array of ground engaging disc chains to satisfy your year-round light tillage requirements.

Kelly Tillage adds 4m model to Tillage System line

In the dry soils of the Australian outback, every bit of moisture counts and field work is executed with a sharp eye to sustainability. The harsh environment rewards innovation, and it has led to the development of a unique form of ultra-shallow tillage that is being adopted all around the globe.

The Kelly Tillage System, which uses chains of linked steel discs in an offset diamond layout, is extremely versatile. By using different disc chain options, a single unit can be used all year round for seedbed preparation, managing residue, incorporating cover crops, soil levelling and weed control. Previously only available in 6m, 9m and 12m models, Kelly has now expanded its tillage system range with the smaller model 1204.

The Model 1204 is compatible with all Kelly Disc Chains, as well as the available seeder kit, which is commonly used for cover crop and pasture re-seeding. Like all European models, the 1204 is manufactured in Germany. This machine can be pulled with a 100hp tractor and has a variable working width, with 3.4m, 4m and 4.3m configurations available.

Efficiency is the focus for this machine; Kelly Tillage Systems is growing in popularity across Europe and the USA for its high speed, low operating cost brand of shallow tillage. Digging just 2–4cm deep, the discs uproot weeds without disturbing the deeper soil structure. With a working speed of around 12km/h and minimal fuel requirements, farmers using Kelly harrows report significant savings on herbicide, fuel and time.

1204 performance

“The Model 1204 is designed for smaller farms,” says Nicolas Doyle, Kelly Europe GM.

“Farmers can expect the same high build quality and fuel efficiency of our larger machines in a compact design with a 2.3m transport width.”


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