New additions to Hardi Sprayers for 2021

Hardi introduces the self-propelled Alpha to their demonstration line up for 2021, which features a balance between front and rear and with its low total weight gives optimal weight/capacity ratio and high performance even in wet terrain conditions.

This, combined with the high ground clearance from 120 to 165cm gives flexible usage from low to tall crops, plus the 3-pillar design in the cab provides a new standard of visibility for the operator with more than 320° visibility from the seat. The Delta Force boom is both wide in field and compact in transport at just 255cm wide. Five pendulum settings make it possible to adjust the boom to follow either the movements of the sprayer or the terrain.

The Delta Force boom series fulfils the future farming demands for flexibility in boom widths, high speed performance, narrow transport width and superior robustness. Delta Force has a unique design; allowing Hardi to offer larger booms, whilst still enabling the operator to drive at high speed, while maintaining optimum performance. Using high quality Swedish Steel, we manage to optimize weight and strength and thereby produce a boom with a perfect setup, low maintenance and great performance. Now several versions from 24 to 39m are available.

From the trailer offering, the Hardi Navigator is offered for demonstration with tank sizes of 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000L, and boom widths from 18 to 39m. Known for being the most durable sprayer on the market, the new ‘intelligent’ features from Hardi take their sprayers another step above; offering more than just reliability and efficiency in the field.

Navigator intelligent sprayers are equipped with the Hardi SmartCom electronic platform and offer the end-user a full ISOBUS experience, meaning easy connection to tractors and controllers. The faster processor will also offer a more accurate and responsive liquid regulation system. The operator gains a more precise application, with control of individual nozzles being just some of the possibilities for the new SmartCom platform.

The Hardi AutoNozzleControl system, now available on all self-propelled and trailed Hardi sprayer configurations, controls the application per individual nozzle. With sections down to 0.5m, an exact application with minimum overlapping leads to chemical savings up to 10%. Well-proven stepper motors of the PrimeFlow system are placed at each nozzle body. In combination with new AutoNozzleControl software, the highest precision level is reached.

Featuring ‘IntelliTrack’ and DynamicFluid4, the Navigator demonstrates a high level of control both with track-steering and chemical regulation. IntelliTrack is a high-end steering drawbar concept combining the advantages of an excellently designed chassis with the use of advanced electronics. Easy to connect and operate, IntelliTrack ensures the safest tracking even in most difficult field conditions, complete with an integrated safety feature.

DynamicFluid4 calculates the consequences of the increased RPM and regulates instantly. Measuring RPM, position of regulation valves, flow and pressure, combined with a specific new software and a new unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 offers complete application precision.

Last but not least, and with the ability to spray faster and carry more liquid, the performance of the Hardi Mega can rival that of some trailed and self-propelled machines. The Mega, now available for 2021 socially distant demonstrations, sets new standards for lift-mounted sprayers. With its sleek and modern design and unparalleled comfort for the driver, Hardi have designed a machine that will keep you spraying all day. With the advantage of good and fast manoeuvrability and easier driving on side hills, the Mega has proven itself as the trusted lift mounted sprayer for any job, regardless of the size.

Now with the added option of AirRide suspension designed to provide unparalleled comfort both in the field and on the road, the lower linkage-mounted AirRide suspension is permanently active. This increases the work rate by isolating the shocks from the tractor, providing a more stable platform to spray from, therefore improving boom stability and allowing for increased forward speed.

Soon to land in the UK for Summer demonstrations is the long-awaited arrival of the brand new Hardi Aeon trailed sprayer. The Hardi Aeon which is the first machine to be released of the all-new Centura product line is a completely new high-end trailer sprayer developed for spraying with higher spraying speeds, better performance resulting in an increased overall capacity.

The Aeon Centura line is built on a customer related functional design with ease and automatic operation, precise fluid system, perfect tracking and boom performance.

The Aeon Chassis – high driving performance and smooth handling due to hydraulic axle suspension and leaf-spring drawbar suspension. The ComfortTrack wheel steer system allows a turning radius of only 6.3 m measured in the middle of the track. The unique mudguards pivot with the wheel to keep nozzles clean.

The WorkZone on the left side of the Aeon is of the operators’ position when filling the sprayer. The operator stands protected in a clean surrounding and operates the sprayer via the FluidBox 8000. LED lights illuminate the area shadow free and makes the operation a pleasure. Filling, spraying, cleaning and agitation processes are fully automatic. The TechZone is placed under the shield on the right-hand side. The second pump and all electronic valves are placed there, easy to control and service.

The SmartCom electronic platform on the Aeon has new features as the ComfortTrack steering system and the new fully remote-controlled fluid system. An intelligent FluidBox 8000 terminal in the workzone operates the fluid system. On the Aeon Centura line are diagnostics via Bosch Telematics and Hardi Service Tool (HST) standard features.

The Aeon Centura line 5200L with 36m Delta Force boom is fully equipped with AutoNozzleControl, AutoTerrain boom management and HC 9700 12” ISOBUS terminal.

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