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Reap the fruits of five-year warranty on industrial engines

Yanmar Europe has launched a free five-year extended warranty for purchasers of its TN-Series industrial engines.

Yanmar offers water-cooled diesel engines for reliable farming, gardening and transporting. Its high-quality industrial engines up to 155kW are used by agricultural professionals in equipment such as mini excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, tractors and road sweepers.

By extending the warranty from two to five years from the purchase date (or up to 5,000 total engine operation hours – whichever comes first), farmers and contractors can enjoy enhanced operational security, higher equipment resale values and peace of mind, the company says.

Carlo Giudici, Sales and Marketing Director at Yanmar Europe

“Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of Yanmar engines, that is why we have the confidence to offer this long, complimentary, extended warranty,” said Carlo Giudici, sales and marketing director at Yanmar Europe.

“Thanks to Yanmar’s ongoing dedication to developing world-class, leading-edge products featuring advanced technology we can offer increased reliability and support free-of-charge.”

Readers of Farmers Guide can get access to Yanmar’s extended warranty and benefit from:

Free of charge five-year engine warranty: Optimal productivity with five years or 5,000 hours of worry-free farming, harvesting and gardening at no cost at all.

Highest quality standards: The Yanmar TN‑series water-cooled diesel engines is built according to the highest industry manufacturing standards, giving Yanmar the confidence to offer the longest free of charge warranty on an industrial engine in the market.

Optimal peace of mind: A Yanmar engine guarantees long-lasting peace of mind. And with five-year warranty Yanmar takes care of the engine so you can focus on growing the business.

Covered costs for parts and labour: When your equipment is powered by Yanmar you are prevented from unexpected costs because of engine failure as Yanmar covers parts and labour costs.

Lower cost of ownership and higher resale value: With a complimentary five-year engine warranty you can reduce the total cost of ownership of your equipment and improve the profitability of your farm machinery. On top of that, you may get a better deal if you decide to resell your machine in the future as the warranty is transferable, benefitting the subsequent buyer until the end of the warranty term.

To take advantage of this offer, register your engine before the first scheduled maintenance.

The extended warranty applies to engines manufactured from January 1st, 2021, sold by Yanmar Europe directly or through Yanmar’s Industrial Engine distribution network and operating in Europe or the United Kingdom.

Do a quick check to see if the engine in your equipment is eligible for five-year warranty HERE.

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