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Segway break onto the ATV market

Segway – better known for smaller, two wheeled transport – have launched into the off roading market, introducing the Segway Snarler ATV earlier this year.

Segway break into the ATV market

The same people who make the two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transport, are now producing a range of ATV’s. The Snarler is the first model from the new Segway Powersports division, and has been described as one of the highest spec’d ATV’s available on the market.

The manufacturer already has several UK dealers, Bedfordshire based MKM Agriculture have picked up the brand, where prices start at £4999+VAT. Several thousand pounds cheaper than similar ATV alternatives. Despite it’s low price the Segway Snarler comes with more standard features than most ATVs. 

Segway also have smart tech integration on their products. Allowing users to control features such as lights and locking from a distance using their smart phone. A feature which will be useful for users used to working in the dark. However, the major downside of this first model for the agricultural market is a low towing limit of 300KG and higher maintenance then some other brands.

Whilst the low towing capacity of the Snarler means it may not be the best option for heavy agricultural work, there has been a lot of interest from the small holder and more general market.

The new Snarler is a fully road legal utility quad and comes with a 570cc liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4 Stroke DOHC engine delivering a max 44HP and 48N-m of torque. The powertrain has great adaptability in high/low temperatures and high altitude environments with the addition of an electronic fuel injection system, the 570cc engine, adapts the optimal design. The range also has a long wheel base option to allow for a second seat.

Whilst the current versions of the Segway Snarler may not be the most practical for farm work, it is just the first offering from the company. With a two-seat Fugleman UTV already expected for release later this year. Segway may be a brand to watch for affordable off roading.

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