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Deosan launches new environmentally friendly lameness product

Deosan HH+ is the latest product to join the Deosan range and aims to effectively target lameness, an issue that is currently costing the dairy industry more than 1p per litre of milk produced on the farm, according to AHDB. Dairy markets have seen rapid shifts over the last few weeks driven by the outbreak of Coronavirus, and farmers are advised to remain vigilant when it comes to lameness to help manage costs.

Deosan HH+ is a strong mineral acid that crucially supports the reversal of the hoof degradation process, supporting the strength of the hoof in a similar way that toothpaste acts to support tooth enamel. Its extremely efficient formula means that only a smaller amount is needed, 100% of which is soluble, requiring no need for residue dispersal. Its soluble nature also means there is no environmental impact, aiming to solely optimise hoof hardness to reduce lameness and improve animal welfare.

“Lameness continues to have a serious impact on dairy farm profitability and despite the continued focus, incidence levels show little or no sign of reducing. With reduced milk production across the dairy sector, farmers must not forget to pay attention to foot health,” says Rob Kelly, Global Marketing Director at Diversey, the manufacturers of the Deosan range of hygiene products. “On most farms, footbath solutions continue to be the most practical option to address the need for application. At Diversey, we recognised there could be improvements made to the impact of use on both the animal and the environment.

“Despite strong acids such as Formalin and Copper Sulphate being effective for lameness there are several issues with these products, which impact the consumer value and therefore affect long term sustainability. Also, disinfectants struggle to cope with the amount of soiling present in footbaths and application is often ad hoc, reducing its effectiveness.

Rob continues, “The critical role of any product is to promote the animal’s own defences. Following extensive research and development, Deosan has developed HH+, which has been proven in a real farm environment to show effective hoof hardening properties, and delivers all of the benefits of a strong acid complex, with reduced environmental impact; a modern, fit for purpose solution to lameness treatments.

 “We also need to consider the changing environment that we work in and that will influence the future management of livestock enterprises,” says Rob. “Existing options all have issues. In addition, I think we all acknowledge the unprecedented influences currently having an effect on the price of milk. It is a challenging time for the sector, so these areas of animal welfare and effective lameness management are key.”

This alternative product in the marketplace can illustrate reduced environmental impact, whilst ensuring animal health and welfare needs are met quickly and effectively. HH+ meets all these needs and is now available from Deosan, via your local distributor.

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  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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