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Record your own livestock online

Innovative new product Cloud Lines allows anyone from home breeders and smallholders to breeding societies and organisations of all sizes to keep full, accurate records of their breeding programmes.

It was developed by MA Systems Ltd in 2018 in response to a growing need to support customers using bespoke or legacy database applications. All levels of customer have access to the same breed-specific functionality, including automatically generated pedigree certificates which can be exported as PDFs.

The service makes recording easier by allowing multiple admins, so that uploading data does not just have to be one person’s responsibility.

Subscription includes the Stud Male Calculator, which uses MK and COI to optimise breeding decisions, as well as options for read-only accounts so you can share your pedigree data easily.

The Stud Male Selector tool helps farmers make breeding decisions that will help to ensure breed longevity. A downloadable PDF of the results is provided, with a handy traffic-light score system. Online support and easy account upgrades are also offered.

Other features include four-generation pedigree certificate, self-generation of certificates, coefficient of inbreeding (COI), mean-kinship per animal, real-time breed analysis, and tracking of breed history.

Cloud Lines’ sister product, Cloud Lines Shows, was released in response to Covid-19 and is hosting a series of livestock shows and classes this year, which are free for breed societies. You can either attend a show or set up your own. The company’s new ‘trade stand’ section promises to make these virtual shows feel more like face to face shows.

Contact [email protected] to find out more about streamlining or improving your pedigree recording process, or if you want to get involved in shows.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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