Bale wrapper attracts high praise during 2020 season

The Tanco Q-Series square and round bale wrapper, which can be used on the tractor front and rear linkage or a handler, was introduced for the 2020 season. It is available as either a two plastic dispenser version (the Q-200), or a three plastic dispenser version (the Q-300).

Tanco Q-Series bale wrapper

It is a fully automatic wrapper that is capable of wrapping every bale size available (square and round) and is standard with auto-load (achieved by level sensors within the bale roller frame); auto start wrap; auto level and auto unload. The Q-Series telescopic plastic cut and hold is well proven as Tanco also uses it on its 1400 and S-Series bale wrappers.

The Tanco 1540-EH that the Q-Series replaces was a well proven and reliable machine, Tanco says.

Customer and operator feedback was a strong driver in the development of the Q-series, which led to physical changes such as longer bale rollers, as well as innovative features including the incorporation into the Q-Series design of proportional hydraulics, indexed bale rotation, gear driven satellites and adjustable width of the bale rollers.

According to Tanco, feedback from Q-Series owners and operators after the 2020 season was very positive as these significant changes have given them higher output, more versatility, value for money and better operator comfort – everything they wanted in a square bale wrapper.

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