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Dangerous Occupations Report 2021: Farming is revealed as the second riskiest industry

A new report has investigated the dangers that UK workers face across the country, revealing that farming is the second most dangerous industry.

Dangerous Occupations Report 2021

Farming takes second place above a whole host of other occupations you might think are more risky, such as mining, rig work, fishing, forestry, security, and firefighters.

The study by life insurance specialists, I’m Insured, analyses the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data to reveal the most dangerous occupations, common causes of death and the age groups most at risk.

Dangerous Occupations Report 2021: Farming is revealed as the second riskiest industry

I’m Insured broke down the fatal data by industry, revealing that after construction, farming is the next deadliest job. Over five years, there were 127 deaths in the farming workplace, and more than one in six overall deaths were attributed to this occupation.

Farming is an inherently dangerous job due to a number of risk factors, such as operating heavy equipment and working with animals – and these are factors that few other sectors share.

Top 10 most likely causes of death in farming – cattle contact is the most fatal accident

Working with animals, moving vehicles, and dangerous machinery are all essential in the agricultural world, but they’re also the largest cause of fatalities in the farming workplace. Coming into contact with cattle accounted for 18% of work deaths in farming between 2015 and 2020.

Being struck by a moving vehicle in the workplace, or machinery are also among the largest causes of death.

Dangerous Occupations Report 2021: Farming is revealed as the second riskiest industry

Fatal injuries by age in the agricultural workplace – 65+ most at risk

While the average age of the UK’s workforce is increasing, there are more fatal accidents in older workers than younger workers. It’s likely this is more prominent in the agriculture industry due to a decrease in new talent.

A study by Barclays Bank found that almost four in 10 UK farmers are over-aged 65+, with an average age of 55.5, and only 3% of millennials view farming as a desirable career option.

For more details on the report, such as the most common workplace accidents overall, the gender most at risk, and the jobs that make life insurance more expensive, you can view the full report here.

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