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Govt seeks views on poor practice in the tenant farming sector

The government has announced a Call for Evidence to address issues facing tenant farmers, and improve relationships between landlords and tenants.

The Call for Evidence launched by the government today (16th November) will seek views on the extent of poor practice in the tenant farming sector.

This includes lack of communication between landlords, tenants and their advisors on key business issues such as tenancy renewal and rent reviews.

The review will explore ways to encourage more collaborative tenant-landlord and advisor relationships.

It will also gather evidence on whether existing ways to register complaints in the industry are effective in addressing poor practice, and examine the potential role of an independent tenant farming commissioner who would provide more scrutiny of conduct in the sector and promote codes of good practice.

Farming minister Mark Spencer said: “Tenant farmers are at the heart of our rural economy. We’ve made significant progress in delivering our response to the Rock Review, including making our Environment Land Management schemes more accessible to tenant farmers, and will continue to work closely with tenants, landlords and the wider industry to drive further positive change.

“The Call for Evidence is a further important step forward in achieving this and I encourage farmers, landlords and advisors to express their views to their relevant trade body to make sure experiences from all parts of the sector are heard.”

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