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Planning tools offered to help tackle fertiliser “cost crisis”

The surge in fertiliser prices has created a ‘financial nightmare’ for farmers and growers.

Re-thinking your grassland aeration

With current fertiliser challenges and pressure to increase carbon capture and efficiency on farm, AerWorx offers some fresh advice on aeration of compacted soil.

Managing grassland effectively during high fertiliser pricing

With fertiliser costs spiking, effective management of your grassland is vital for ensuring growth potential and a strong ROI. On a recent Yara ‘Grow the Future’ podcast, Philip Cosgrave, country grassland agronomist at Yara, offered his thoughts and advice considering the current circumstances.

Maximising nutrient use amid fertiliser shortages

With nitrogen fertiliser supplies likely to be strained this autumn, maximising plant health with key nutrients will support strong crop development and help make the most of limited inputs.

Fertiliser recommendations revised on back of price spike

AHDB has issued new guidance to help growers plan their nitrogen (N) applications, following a sharp increase in the cost of fertilisers.

AIC calls on Government to work with industry to solve fertiliser crisis

The UK and several European fertiliser manufacturers have suspended fertiliser production due to unprecedented gas prices.

Agronomists sought for biostimulant feedback

Agronomists interested in finding out more about biostimulants and the effect they can have on UK crops are being encouraged to contact one of Europe’s leading brands of natural fertilisers.

Fertiliser applicator ticks all the boxes for organic farm

Farmers Guide heard from Bedlam Farms company director Tobias Martin. Specifically about his fifth-generation organic farming business and their use of a new fertiliser applicator.

Polysulphate gives boost to autumn establishment

Effective autumn establishment is the foundation on which yield and quality of autumn-sown crops are built. Scott Garnett, ICL’s agronomist considers best practice to minimise risk and maximise returns.

Focus on nutrition for improved forage maize crop yields

Achieving the highest yields possible from your forage maize programme can be dependent on many things. One area in which we do have control is through establishing a robust nutrient management programme.

Getting the most from your sugar beet crop

A particularly cold April has put more pressure on sugar beet farmers than usual, making it vital that every possible action is taken to ensure yields are optimised and able to fulfil their potential. The key to achieving this? A robust nutrient management programme.

Soil health improved by fermented compost

Bokashi, a fermented alternative to compost, could help farmers improve soil organic matter and carbon retention.  

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