VF technology: how can it improve our soils?

BKT is taking innovative VF technology to the next level, creating a formidable ally against soil compaction.

Soil health improved by fermented compost

Bokashi, a fermented alternative to compost, could help farmers improve soil organic matter and carbon retention.  

Now is the time to monitor your soil for greater sustainability

UK soils have changed greatly in the last few decades. 97% of sampled soils show sulphur deficiency and low organic matter levels are commonplace across arable land. How can we monitor our soils to ensure a robust sustainable practice while, at the same time, promoting higher yields?

‘World’s most comprehensive’ online soil health guide launched

An online soil guide aiming to become the world’s most comprehensive resource to help farmers improve soil health and increase the efficiency and profitability of their businesses has been launched.

Can livestock grazing of winter cereals aid soil biology?

Grazing livestock on winter cereals could help aid soil biology, allow for earlier drilling dates, control pests and diseases and influence yield potential, according to recent results from a trial carried out on a mixed farming enterprise in Angus.

Manganese and magnesium are vital this winter

Applications of manganese in cereals are a matter of course at this time of year, but one crop nutrition specialist is calling for growers to also consider adding magnesium to this application to help boost photosynthesis and increase rooting ahead of winter.

Striking the Right Balance with Winter Cereal Crops

Across the country 2020 yields suffered due to various weather issues, so many farmers will be keen to get their winter crops off to an early start in an effort to secure better yields next year. Consequently, many fields have already been sown with winter cereal crops.

Revisiting cover cropping in Scotland could be saviour in increasing weather extremes

Looking again at using cover crops to build soil structure and mitigate the effects of increasing weather extremes could reap benefits for farmers in Scotland.

Tissue test crops ahead of winter

Tissue testing crops is generally done in the spring, but FMC crop nutrition specialist, Chris Bond, calls for growers to consider its value this side of winter.

Hold nerve with blackgrass infested fields

Continue to hold off drilling winter wheat fields where blackgrass is a worry until early October where possible, or mid-October in the worst fields, says agronomy firm ProCam.

Tame Oat Volunteer control with Avadex

Spring 2020 saw the largest area of spring cereals for many years. Although not as large an increase as in spring barley, oats saw a significant increase this year with the English crop seeing a 26% growth in plantings, according to the AHDB, with most of those appearing in spring.

Potato growers at risk of ‘desiccation blind spots’

AHDB research has identified potential desiccation blind spots for potato growers, putting them at risk of virus and disease if they do not follow an integrated approach to new desiccation regimes.

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