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Hit it early: Disease control in OSR

Use disease risk forecasts to plan appropriate and timely spray programmes for oilseed rape crops this autumn, is the advice of Dr David Ellerton – technical director with Hutchinsons.

New partnership offers £500,000 boost to farm sustainability research

AHDB and BBSRC are partnering to invest £500,000 in UK agriculture to help the industry transition to more sustainable practices, and ultimately net zero carbon by 2040.

Understanding the real value of carbon

TerraMap Carbon offers a groundbreaking way of measuring soil carbon without actually having to break ground! So says Andrew Pitts, host farmer of the Helix National Helix Farm of farm business JW Pitts & Sons located at Mears Ashby and Whiston in Northamptonshire.

Identify your objectives before moving to a biological system

The term ‘regenerative agriculture’ has become the latest buzz phrase to sweep through farming. But what actually is it?

How big is the black-grass problem and can it ever be controlled?

While ryegrass is reportedly becoming more of a problem, there’s no doubt black-grass is still the biggest weed challenge. But with so much talk about reduced tillage and a depleted chemical toolbox, are growers managing to control it and can it ever be beaten altogether? Rachel Hicks spoke to two farmers in different locations to find out their approach.

Conservation ag research shows sustainable route

Conservation agriculture crop establishment techniques can deliver up to 18 per cent uplift in growers’ net profits, whilst also providing significant enhancement of key environmental and ecological measures, according to the latest findings of the Syngenta Sustainable Farming Initiative.

Ferric phosphate must be key player in ICM programmes

With the phasing out of metaldehyde and a wet season farmers may need to update their programme to stay ahead of slugs. According to the latest tests ferric phosphate must be key player in ICM programmes.

Cover crops in the rotation will yield hidden benefits

Experts are urging growers not to overlook the value of cover crops as they plan their rotations for the new season ahead.

Plotting a new course – soil experiment field is on the move

An Aberdeen crop trial field which has been providing Britain’s farmers with vital scientific data for 60 years is being dug up and transported a mile along the road.

Five UK farmers join Bayer’s decarbonisation programme for agriculture in Europe

Bayer have announced the European launch of its global Carbon Initiative. Five farmers from the UK and more than twenty others from across Europe will be working with Bayer to investigate how to decarbonise the food value chain.

Turf wars: arable farming creates “gangsters’ paradise” for soil microbes

The impact of arable farming on soil ecosystems has been likened to creating a “gangsters’ paradise” by one of the authors of new research aimed at helping damaged soils recover.

Blight control for today and tomorrow

Blight is the bane of potato growing and experts warn that, long-term, pressure in the UK is only set to rise. We asked a specialist agronomist, a grower and a crop protection manufacturer about best-practice now and in the future

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