Understanding the real value of carbon

TerraMap Carbon offers a groundbreaking way of measuring soil carbon without actually having to break ground! So says Andrew Pitts, host farmer of the Helix National Helix Farm of farm business JW Pitts & Sons located at Mears Ashby and Whiston in Northamptonshire.

Farm safety: One death is too many

Popular farm safety app Smart Farmer went live with two new features this month – lone working and field hazard identification – adding to its already impressive list of safety offerings. With the number of farm deaths and injuries still at a troublingly high level, these features are a must-have for farmers and farm workers.

Research in demand for AgriTech postgraduate courses

Independent research firm, IFF Research are searching for recent AgriTech graduates or anyone currently working in the AgriTech field.

Autonomous vehicle start-up cooperative

Claas has entered a cooperative venture with Dutch start-up AgXeed B.V. and acquired a minority shareholding in the company’s international funding round as a mark of its commitment.

New grain moisture analyser brings host of improvements

Dickey-john, which pioneered the use of 149MHz/UGMA technology when its GAC 2500 was released in 2010, introduces its all-new GAC 2700-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer.

Drones: A new age of farming

Drones are changing the face of farming, allowing for precision, optimisation, visualisation and application in ways that have never been seen before. This year’s Cereal’s Event is showcasing the very latest developments.

Bird-like drone could be a game-changer for farmers

A drone which mimics bird flight could make the technology more usable for farmers in remote and windswept landscapes.

Time to upgrade your farm management practices?

Finding the right technology to help you make the most of your farm land can seem like a daunting task. We spoke to MuddyBoots Software about how their latest technology can work for the modern farmer. 

Does SpaceX have the answer to the UK’s rural digital divide?

Ofcom has indicated that 150,000 residential premises across the UK currently fall below an acceptable level of internet coverage. Elon Musk’s extensive satellite network may finally offer those in rural areas fast, modern broadband.

Cutting edge technology puts security data in the palm of your hand

Farms of the future will use smart technology to secure and manage their assets. Active Farm Solutions explores how you can get real-time security data and instant alerts on your entire farm, all delivered to any web-enabled smart device.

Download new Syngenta Spray Assist for added advances

An entirely new version the popular Syngenta Spray Assist App continues to advance spray application advice and techniques. Existing and new users are advised to download the upgraded version now.

Time and cost savings from weather station investment

A network of Sencrop connected weather stations is helping save time and costs for one of the UK’s biggest independent potato producers. David Williams reports.

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