Openfield and Roger Warnes Transport get IT right

Openfield Group Limited, the British farmer-owned co-operative, has successfully worked together with Roger Warnes Transport to integrate two IT systems which benefit both businesses and Openfield’s farmer customers.

Concerned over the difficulty and cost of installing security at your farm?

Rural crime rates are increasing all over the country and causing farmers the unwelcome stress of how they should secure vital mobile assets and secure their farm buildings.

Company celebrates its 10th anniversary

For 10 years, RTKF Net has been assisting arable farmers and other businesses to increase productivity and efficiency.

World’s first all-electric, driver optional tractor introduced

As farmers face numerous challenges, including labour shortages, climate change, safety issues and government regulations, Monarch Tractor says its new innovation combines electrification, automation, machine learning and data analysis to overcome these issues, maximising yields and cutting costs.

Driving business value and creating a sustainable food future

As an industry, agriculture is facing new and unprecedented challenges. From concerns around sustainably feeding an ever-growing population to expanding consumer pressure for more visibility into how food is produced, we are at a crossroads.

Teenager’s farming videos are a hit on YouTube

Fourteen-year-old Ollie Brightwell started making farming videos after being given a drone and teaching himself to use video editing software just a few months ago – but already he has had tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Technology Driven – A Decade of Innovation from Martin Lishman

The past decade has undoubtedly seen some big leaps forward in all aspects of technology. The way we generate, view and use data is changing but also the unexpected problems

‘Solar is just the start of your energy saving journey’

With the cost of solar energy falling dramatically by 80% in recent years, as well as growing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint, there has never been a better time for you to install solar PV and kick start your farm to become carbon neutral.

Award-winning innovations for the farming community

Radio Data Networks (RDN) has won multiple industry awards for the company’s innovation in remote measurement, radio telemetry, monitoring, security, water supply, wastewater management and pollution control. It helps businesses

All good things come in threes: Triple-Shoot with the Cirrus-CC

Professional crop production is faced with ever greater challenges. The withdrawal of individual plant protection agents, along with increasing resistance and extreme climatic events such as severe drought, are just

Protect yourself from rural crime with intelligent, remote solutions

The cost of rural crime is at an eight-year high, soaring to £54 million according to the latest figures from rural insurer NFU Mutual. With concerns that rural crime is set to escalate as the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic bites, high value tractors, quad bikes and livestock are at even greater risk.

New animal insights software supports NFU net zero goal

NFU leaders have called for greater awareness of new technology available to help farms maximise margins, uphold the UK’s reputation for quality and safe produce, and reduce carbon emissions.

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