Bird-like drone could be a game-changer for farmers

A drone which mimics bird flight could make the technology more usable for farmers in remote and windswept landscapes.

Time to upgrade your farm management practices?

Finding the right technology to help you make the most of your farm land can seem like a daunting task. We spoke to MuddyBoots Software about how their latest technology can work for the modern farmer. 

Does SpaceX have the answer to the UK’s rural digital divide?

Ofcom has indicated that 150,000 residential premises across the UK currently fall below an acceptable level of internet coverage. Elon Musk’s extensive satellite network may finally offer those in rural areas fast, modern broadband.

Cutting edge technology puts security data in the palm of your hand

Farms of the future will use smart technology to secure and manage their assets. Active Farm Solutions explores how you can get real-time security data and instant alerts on your entire farm, all delivered to any web-enabled smart device.

Download new Syngenta Spray Assist for added advances

An entirely new version the popular Syngenta Spray Assist App continues to advance spray application advice and techniques. Existing and new users are advised to download the upgraded version now.

Time and cost savings from weather station investment

A network of Sencrop connected weather stations is helping save time and costs for one of the UK’s biggest independent potato producers. David Williams reports.

Benchmarking boost for profits

A free online resource could help farms to boost profits as well as build a more sustainable business.

Advanced collar boosts pregnancy rates and health

Introducing the AfiCollar, which livestock farmers are praising for its accuracy, ease of use and training programme.

The role of smart wifi in keeping farms safe

Rural crime in the UK hit an eight-year high in 2020, costing farms and rural businesses around £54 million. Gareth Williams, CEO at Gigaclear, a leading rural broadband provider, talks to us about the essential role that Smart WiFi can have in keeping rural communities safe from crime.

This app could save your life

“What3words has become an absolutely essential part of the modern farmer’s toolkit,” says Rhonda Thompson, the NFU’s Lincolnshire county adviser.

Technology with a “hugely powerful impact”

Since its Lamma launch in 2020, the Smart Farmer app has taken the industry by storm, quickly becoming a must-have safety device on farms across the UK. Its creator, Marc Skivington, originally created the app to help with machinery checks on his own farm, and has since developed a range of updates, covering lone working, training, risk assessments and more.

Revolutionary all-electric, mini robotic platform launches

Auto Spray Systems has announced the launch of a new breed of autonomous robot – the first of its kind in Europe – which promises increased efficiency and reduce emissions.

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