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Lack of knowledge ‘holding farmers back’ in agri-tech investment

NFU Mutual offers top tips for farmers contemplating agri-tech investment, as a new survey sheds light on key barriers that are preventing farmers benefitting from government funding.

Technology to get the best out of your fertiliser spreader

Simon Brown of Amazone Ltd outlines two free apps that can help farmers to optimise their fertiliser spreading.

Latest software brings new level of control to farmers

Taking control of your natural capital has just become a lot easier with the release of Sandy version 2.0, according to Trinity AgTech.

Defra and Innovate UK recognise potential of chemical-free disinfection in dairy parlours

A grant is available for award-winning ozone disinfection technology that promises to offer a safer, more effective and more environmentally friendly solution – with benefits for milk quality, mastitis rates and money-saving.

Moving towards the connected farm

What does the future hold for UK farmers? The sector faces consistently evolving challenges from all directions – we need to feed the rising world population in a more efficient way, while simultaneously addressing issues of climate change, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Simple Isobus-compatible operating system

Following the growing demand from the market for a simple system that is Isobus compatible, Kaweco has launched a new operating system.

How your farm management solution should use your data

The agricultural industry is embracing digital transformation for better working, data-sharing and collaboration, says Greenlight Farm Management, which enables efficient, agile and productive working on the move.

Farmers discover unexpected benefits of labour shortages

An imperfect storm of Brexit and Covid, plus a stronger pound making the EU more attractive for European seasonal labourers, saw casual labour disappear overnight. Suddenly, automation is not just a choice, but a necessity.

New technology in the fight against grassland weeds

An innovative precision farming platform is employing artificial intelligence (AI) in the battle against weeds in grassland.

Farmplan: Gatekeeper launches major integration update with Claas

Farmplan, a leading agricultural software specialist, has released a Gatekeeper update that delivers improved integration with Claas machines, utilising wireless data transfer for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Ease of connectivity makes transition to variable rate drilling smoother than ever before

Robert Sullivan of GSC Grays and farm manager of Raby Estates, has been looking at how to introduce variable rate applications across the two farms that make up the estate in both Durham and Shropshire.

Understanding the real value of carbon

TerraMap Carbon offers a groundbreaking way of measuring soil carbon without actually having to break ground! So says Andrew Pitts, host farmer of the Helix National Helix Farm of farm business JW Pitts & Sons located at Mears Ashby and Whiston in Northamptonshire.

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