New live-streaming camera boosts security and animal welfare

Growing up on the family farm, Eddie McDiarmid started to have problems with thefts from the farm shop, and after installing security cameras, quickly realised that they would also be very useful for lambing and calving season.

Agri-robotics start-up raises £250k for ‘revolutionary’ crop scouting system

A start-up which aims to use cutting-edge technologies to help farmers improve crop yields has raised £250,000 to launch its first product, a ‘crop scouting’ system which predicts the size and timing of harvests.

Omnia hits 1000 users

Omnia the revolutionary precision agronomy software tool launched by Hutchinsons in 2014 has just registered its 1000th user.

Saving time and money with real-time alerts and monitoring

Making a farm as profitable as possible requires expert decision making. A Cornish agri-technology business is now making that much easier, by giving farmers access to real-time data and alerts to base their decisions on.

From tractors to TikTok – Webinars explore building farm brands

Two fun and fast-paced webinars will explore the importance of building a brand for your farm and guide you through the steps to achieve this.

App transforms dairy herd feeding

The Cowconnect app package for weighing and feeding transforms how you feed your cows, and mixes a daily ration matched to changing levels of herd performance.

Affordable technology to revolutionise your farm

Stated to be “the app farmers have been waiting for”, Fieldmargin collates mapping, issue tracking, field work, inputs and reporting into one place.

“Herdwatch NextGen has transformed the way we farm”

Having made a name for itself by saving farmers hours a week on paperwork, Herdwatch has now released its NextGen app, which brings a range of new features, as well as being even faster and easier to use. It is the best performing and most cost-effective farm software in the UK and Ireland.

How to log machinery checks the easy way

Faulty vehicles and machinery have been noted as key reasons for farm deaths and injuries in the past, which underlines the importance of finding simple, effective ways to ensure vehicles and equipment are well-maintained.

Remote digital agronomy from your mobile

Increase productivity, save time, manage costs and risk with RHIZA’s mobile app.

Drones speed up crop walking

Skippy Scout is a crop monitoring application that uses drones to automatically capture images to offer arable farmers vital broad acre crop insight. 

Record your own livestock online

Innovative new product Cloud Lines allows anyone from home breeders and smallholders to breeding societies and organisations of all sizes to keep full, accurate records of their breeding programmes.

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