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Presenting the latest in sprayer innovation from HARDI: The all-new AEON CenturaLine. The HARDI AEON CenturaLine is a high-tech sprayer, developed in guidance by the principles of lean farming –

Presenting the latest in sprayer innovation from HARDI: The all-new AEON CenturaLine. The HARDI AEON CenturaLine is a high-tech sprayer, developed in guidance by the principles of lean farming – to do more with less. Available with tank capacity of 4200 and 5200 litres, and boom widths from 24 to 39 metres, the AEON is the solution to the future of crop care for the forward-thinking farmer.

HARDI have used the latest technology and the most up-to-date automation solutions to allow farmers to improve productivity while reducing drift and chemical loss. The HARDI AEON sets a new benchmark for increasing food production in the face of growing environmental and climatic concerns.

The starting point when developing new machines at HARDI is always the farmer, and the AEON CenturaLine is no different. The AEON is designed to be user-friendly and with optimal safety in mind. As with the whole HARDI product range, the new AEON is built to last, without compromising on design. It is a stand-out machine with a sleek and dynamic modern look. The newly developed chassis and unique tank design provide maximum stability both in the field and on the road.

The new shape of the AEON tank has the objective of preventing sloshing liquid from disturbing the machines’ balance whilst on the move. The result is a main tank with a wedge-shaped front, which also guarantees complete tank emptying, even in hilly terrain. Perfect weight distribution is achieved with the addition of dual RinseTanks fitted on both sides of the sprayer towards the front, keeping the weight on the drawbar. By transferring weight to the tractor, better traction is achieved towards the end of the spraying operation. Adding this new design feature to the sprayers’ already excellent width-to-length ratio, and longer booms will never be a problem. The AEON offers fantastic boom stability, even at high working speeds.

The AEON CenturaLine offers perfect tracking, full suspension and a fully remote-operated spraying system. Often operated in rough terrains, the AEON CenturaLine is built to be the epitome of durability and toughness. It is built as standard with full suspension for protection of all mechanical components and for incomparable operator comfort and safety. A completely new addition is hydraulic suspension of the axle centre to ensure steady boom movements and fully absorb movements during transport and field work. Combine this with incredibly fast fluid regulation, pressurised boom circulation and an exceptional boom management system, and the result is outstanding boom stability, spraying precision and drift control – translating into real savings for the grower.

Also manufactured with the addition of PrimeFlow; HARDI’s pressure-fed boom fluid system that guarantees rapid priming and prevents sedimentation and clogging, is another benefit customers can reap from the AEON CenturaLine sprayer. When spraying starts, liquid has already been distributed to the entire boom, circulating at the desired pressure through the spray lies. When spraying stops, the liquid will continue to circulate at a standby pressure. Even when spraying at low pressure, the operator can be confident in the knowledge that the spray lines are completely drained, leaving only a small residual volume, which means less liquid is required for the cleaning process.

The AEON CenturaLine offers a fully remote-operated spraying system. Combine this with HARDI’s incredibly fast DynamicFluid4 regulation valve, pressurised boom circulation and one of the best boom management systems, you are guaranteed outstanding spraying precision. The compact, remote-controlled fluid system is placed close to the boom. Coupled with HARDI’s trusted diaphragm pumps and the EasyClean filtration system, it ensures optimum flow regardless of pressure. As a result, the AEON CenturaLine saves time, money and the environment from unwanted soil and water contamination, and furthermore ensured ultra-precise spraying for the grower.

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