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The versatility of the Omega seed drill

The Omega seed drill is reliable, versatile and designed for establishing a wide variety of crops in virtually all conditions, both in relation to soil type, rotation and moisture.

The versatility of the drill is a great benefit and as crop establishment is the basic building block for a successful harvest, a strong establishment with a good growth acceleration is something that every farmer hopes for.

The concept of the Omega seed drill can be described simply as an efficient seed drill that provides soil preparation, perfect material permeability, full control of different sections of all soil engaging parts of the drill. It is combined with an excellent levelling and consolidation effect in front of two disc drill coulters mounted on the rear of the drill with precise seed placement thanks to the efficient, yet simple system of automatic contouring drill coulters installed on a parallelogram. All of that comes with easy control form our ISObus controlled in cab systems.

The Bednar Omega drill is available in two versions; the Omega OO_L single product grain only and the Omega OO_FL two products grain and fertiliser or grain and companion crop. The drill is a very versatile drill that is able to establish crops in several different ways, conventionally, minimally and in some soil types, directly.

Starting at the drawbar, the common spec is the category three crossbar that fits in the lower links arms of the tractor, all hydraulic services are colour coded for ease of identifying when connecting the hydraulics to the tractor.

Moving along the machine, the customer can specify various options such as, leveling paddles, front press wheels or both options combined. The next segment of the drill has two rows of discs. There are two options for the disc section of the drill, either the classic notched discs or the preferred “A” disc that has a very aggressive cutting action. A-discs have a large number of sharp edges along the circumference to make incorporation of crop residue easier. Moreover, the profiled shape chops and incorporates soil more than standard notched discs to give a mulching and mixing of the soil and trash. Also, the distance between the discs allows for a good flow of trash where needed.

The configuration of the discs on the Omega drills are installed in an X formation to give the drill the ability to pull straight and square making the drill easier to pull and requiring less tractor horsepower. Behind the two rows of discs is where Bednar can offer a multitude of different options, a wavy “Profi” disc, or the scalloped turbo disc, Bednar also offer a levelling/paddle option that can be fitted or if you specify the OO_FL Omega (2 x products) the additional coulters can be fitted there or you can simply not spec anything. All sections of the drill are hydraulically adjusted for ease of use.

Next, Bednar have the offset wheel packer to stop the build up of soil in sticker going, the centre section lifts up on headland turns and when on the road for greater stability.

Behind the packer the company has their PSP (Precise Seed Placement) system that allows for seed to be placed evenly across the drill width, and then finally we have the following harrows for total seed burial.

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