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Summer event to offer the latest farming sustainability intelligence

The latest intelligence from the ambitious Green Horizons initiative to improve practical farming sustainability will be centre stage in this summer’s integrated on-line and on-farm events programme from the UK’s most extensive agronomy research and demonstration network.

Groundswell announces programme, with more than 150 speakers

More than 3,500 visitors are expected at the family run Groundswell event being held at the Cherry’s Lannock Manor Farm, Hertfordshire on 23-24 June 2021. The regenerative agriculture show has gained a huge following because of its focus on no-till farming techniques, soil regeneration and mixed farming systems.

Prince Charles says small farms “have a huge role in our sustainable future”

The Prince of Wales has stressed the importance of Britain’s smaller family farms, and called for renewed attempts to create a co-operative to help secure a viable future for farmers – as agriculture faces a period of significant change.


The Regenerative Agriculture Show and Conference Lannock Manor Farm, Hertfordshire, UK Entering its fifth year, The Groundswell event provides a forum for farmers and anyone interested in food production or

Cereals offers early bird tickets for free

Cereals 2021 is offering free early bird tickets for visitors who register before the end of March, enabling people to finally look forward to a physical event.

Cereals 2021 returns to Lincolnshire fields

Cereals 2021 is on target to open its doors to physical visitors on 9th-10th June this year, following a series of meetings with farmers, exhibitors and health and safety advisers.

Oxford Real Farming Conference (Online)

The Oxford Real Farming Conference has developed over the last eleven years to become the unofficial gathering of the real food and farming movement in the UK. Working with partners, the conference

Ethical Farming Conference

Location : Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre at Rainton Farm, South West Scotland, DG7 2DR The industrial food producing system is broken. It is damaging our soil, our ecosystems and ourselves. We

Revisiting cover cropping in Scotland could be saviour in increasing weather extremes

Looking again at using cover crops to build soil structure and mitigate the effects of increasing weather extremes could reap benefits for farmers in Scotland.

Grower wants to lower inputs to change mind-sets

In a bid to change mind sets Suffolk farmer Brian Barker wants to see how far he can lower inputs whilst boosting crop yields and profit margins.

University of Exeter help diversify farming of the future

The project, ‘Diverfarming’, aims to develop and test different cropping systems to increase land productivity and crop quality, whilst reducing machinery, fertilisers, pesticides, energy and water use.

Increased variety and choice from Manitou

New compact loaders from Manitou were previewed at Lamma earlier this year. The range includes skid-steer and articulated versions to suit a wide variety of users. David Williams has been trying them out.

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