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MPs press supermarkets for a ‘Buy British’ button online

Over 100 MPs have signed a letter urging supermarkets to incorporate ‘Buy British’ sections on their online shops.

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Supermarkets are being urged to support British farmers by creating a tab that collates produce from farmers across Great Britain and Northern Ireland on their online shops.

‘By a click of a mouse, many supermarkets can achieve this,’ reads an open letter by Dr Luke Evans, Conservative MP for Bosworth. The letter has been co-signed by 110 MPs.

The move would give consumers greater power in their choices, whilst recognising British farmers and putting supermarkets as the critical link between the two, MPs say.

‘All we’re asking is that on your online stores, [British produce is] collated so that customers who want to eat British produce and support our nation’s farmers can do so quickly and easier,’ the letter continues.

‘We hear time and time again from farmers themselves that the best way to support them is to buy British produce. By signposting shoppers, you give consumers who want to supportr our nation’s farmers even greater choice.

‘British farmers work hard all year round to ensure our nation’s food security, are crucial in supporting strong local economies and have been instrumental in preserving and protecting our environment. Eating food produced in the UK also drastically cuts down on the carbon produced when importing goods from elsewhere.’

The letter comes at a time of ongoing concern about high costs for farmers across the board, alongside fears that post-Brexit free trade deals could undercut British farmers with cheap imports.

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