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‘ArableAware’ crop protection podcast episode two goes live

Adama has released the second episode of its podcast aimed at providing UK arable farmers and agronomists with the latest crop protection news and advice.

Episode Two of the ‘ArableAware’ podcast contains a range of topical features, articles and stories including on-farm interviews with farmers and other industry experts as well as Adama’s own fungicide and herbicide specialists.

This latest episode was recorded in the fields of Mill Farm in Northamptonshire where farm manager, Tom Paybody, was talking to Adama’s technical herbicide specialist, David Roberts, about how the poor spring has affected his crop rotation and long-term approach to black-grass control.  David also shares his best practice tips for achieving the best control of grass weeds in the autumn and through to early spring.

Tom also talks to Adama’s technical fungicide specialist, Andy Bailey, who provides his latest thoughts regarding septoria control in wheat and how fungicide and PGR programmes have had to be adapted as a result of the cold and wet start to spring.

Episode Two also provides listeners with the opportunity to hear from two new YEN (Yield Enhancement Network) growers, Richard Cobbald from South Pickenham, and James Turner from Ludlow, who discuss how their crops are looking after the difficult spring, and how farm-level disease resistance is impacting their crop protection strategies.

The new podcast also contains an interview with Sarah Allison of The Rural Youth Project – an initiative focused on better understanding and supporting the needs, desires and challenges of young people living in rural communities.

The ArableAware podcast is available via iTunes and Spotify.  Alternatively, the latest episode can also be downloaded from Adama’s Precision Crop Protection hub at

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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