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Specialists urge prioritising autumn wild oat control

Following the wake-up call of one of the worst years for infestations in recent memory, growers across the country have been urged to put a much higher priority on wild oat control this season.

Sixty-year-old herbicide proves increasingly important

Industry interest in a 60-year-old herbicide is at an all-time high this autumn as growers and agronomists across the country deal with an upsurge in grassweed problems.

Longer-lasting slug pellets for better crop protection

Independent trials have shown that ADAMA’s ferric phosphate-based slug pellets, Gusto IRON, remain mould-free, durable, and visible for longer thanks to the way they are manufactured.

Grassweed management: The four pillars of weed control

In June, in lieu of a real-life event, BASF welcomed growers digitally, with the Real Results Virtual Farm Online Demo Week. One of the sessions focused particularly on grassweed control.

How big is the black-grass problem and can it ever be controlled?

While ryegrass is reportedly becoming more of a problem, there’s no doubt black-grass is still the biggest weed challenge. But with so much talk about reduced tillage and a depleted chemical toolbox, are growers managing to control it and can it ever be beaten altogether? Rachel Hicks spoke to two farmers in different locations to find out their approach.

£1.8m in funding to fight Flea beetle

Researchers working to combat a devastating pest of oilseed rape have been supported by a fresh injection of funds. Being given £1.8m in funding to fight Flea beetle and protect crops in an environmentally friendly way.

Ferric phosphate must be key player in ICM programmes

With the phasing out of metaldehyde and a wet season farmers may need to update their programme to stay ahead of slugs. According to the latest tests ferric phosphate must be key player in ICM programmes.

The T24 applicator – a multi-purpose broadcaster

The recent rise in wet summer weather is the ultimate breeding ground for slugs, so Farmers Guide took a look at Bullock Tillage’s slug pellet applicators for drills and ATVs.

Applicator calibration key to early season slug control

Appreciating the advantages of different sized slug pellets and using tools such as the Calibration Wizard when switching between these products will optimise slug control this autumn.

Invasive species have cost UK economy over £5 billion

Research led by Queen’s University Belfast has shown that invasive species, such as the grey squirrel, European rabbit and Japanese knotweed, have cost the UK economy over £5 billion over the past 40-50 years, making the cost one of the highest totals in Europe.

New twin metering control box and GPS speed sensor for Fan Jet Duo

Stocks Ag has greatly extended the capabilities of its Fan Jet Duo spinning disc granular applicator, with the addition of its new TM (Twin Meter) control box with GPS speed sensor.

Accuracy essential for effective slug control

As part of its ongoing commitment to promote the responsible use of crop protection chemicals ADAMA is asking growers to think carefully about how and when they apply slug pellets this autumn and to ensure all spreading equipment is properly maintained and calibrated before pellets are applied.

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