New twin metering control box and GPS speed sensor for Fan Jet Duo

Stocks Ag has greatly extended the capabilities of its Fan Jet Duo spinning disc granular applicator, with the addition of its new TM (Twin Meter) control box with GPS speed sensor.

Accuracy essential for effective slug control

As part of its ongoing commitment to promote the responsible use of crop protection chemicals ADAMA is asking growers to think carefully about how and when they apply slug pellets this autumn and to ensure all spreading equipment is properly maintained and calibrated before pellets are applied.

Maintaining OSR progress with Clearfield

A move to Clearfield oilseed rape for the first time last season has made cruciferous weed control much more reliable at Arras Farm on the Yorkshire Wolds near Market Weighton while maintaining the consistent performance progress clear in Chris and Wendy Kendall’s Oilseed YEN competition results.

Insecticide gets emergency authorisation for sugar beet

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued an emergency authorisation (EA) for the use of InSyst (acetamiprid) on sugar beet.

The value of vigour in OSR

How important is vigour when selecting an OSR variety and how is it measured? Liam Wilkinson, technical arable officer talks through a new approach from Limagrain that will help growers better understand the value and use it to ensure they grow their varieties in the most suitable conditions.

What sprays are available for your grain stores in 2021? And which is the best?

Martin Cobbald from pest control experts Dealey Environmental Ltd, gives you the run-down on what chemicals are available in 2021 for grain store spraying, in the latest video for Farmers Guide.

Maximise the benefit of patch spraying for grass weed control

Spraying out badly infested areas of the crop is now a common tactic for controlling problem weeds such as black-grass and rye-grass in late spring. But sacrificing total yield for weed control means it is essential to do the job effectively.

PGRO advises growers to get ready for pest monitoring

Measuring pest populations should be carried out before any decisions are made on applying insecticides, the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has advised growers.

Register for Lodi UK’s grain storage pest protection training webinar

Agricultural pest control company, Lodi UK, will host their first ever webinar to advise growers, agronomists, and pest controllers on the latest best practice on effective grain store pest protection.

Metaldehyde guidelines must be followed, urges MSG

Report from water companies prompts call to growers to follow best practice stewardship guidelines for metaldehyde, despite the upcoming withdrawal of the active.

Arable industry joins together to fight cabbage stem flea beetle

A cross-industry taskforce is calling for UK oilseed rape growers to join an ambitious on-farm monitoring and trials programme in the war against cabbage stem flea beetle.

Temperature – more important than moisture?

Pest control expert and Dealey managing director Martin Cobbald says when it comes to insect pests, temperature is key.

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