Brexit: What is the real cost to the meat industry?

The British Meat Processors Association says dismissing trade disruption at the borders as short term ‘teething problems’ is no longer credible, as it publishes its Brexit Impact Report.

ASF warnings prompt supplier to release new pig essentials

As endemic diseases in cattle and pigs become a major focal point for the UK government, industry suppliers get set to efficiently support an even higher standard of farming, as laid out in Defra’s latest policy update. Online farm essentials store All Agri says it has responded by scaling up its offering for pig farming and welfare.

AHDB report examines cost of pig meat production in 17 countries

The cost of pig meat production in 17 countries has, once again, been examined in a report published by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

US trial shows that oregano essential oil can improve pig unit throughput

A trial managed by Carthage Innovation Swine Solutions (CISS) in the US found that the 100 percent natural oregano essential oil (OEO) feed additive, Orego-Stim from Anpario, improved numbers of

Finished pig prices down as carcase weights reach record high

Carcase weights soar due to ongoing problems with a backlog of pigs, while prices have seen the largest week-on-week drop since 2016.

Long-term pig B&B yields returns

White Rose Farms is looking for farmers in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions to enter into long-term pig finishing contracts. In return, they offer attractive returns on investment and a guaranteed

Tackling ammonia, odour and dust emissions in pig and poultry housing

Ammonia, odour and dust emissions are an unavoidable by-product of both poultry, egg and pig production. Exhaust air treatment systems assist with this problem by reducing emissions of odours, bioaerosols, dust and ammonia bonds by up to 90 per cent.

Pig farmer eradicates PHE with new vaccine

One farmer, with the help of his specialist pig vet, has saved up to £2/pig by introducing a new vaccine that has helped eradicate Porcine Ileitis, otherwise known as Proliferative Haemorrhagic Enteropathy (PHE) or Porcine Intestinal Adenomatosis (PIA), from his herd.

AB Agri ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Drink for Dairy’ delivers for the industry

Teams across AB Agri, Britain’s leading manufacturer of ruminant, pig and poultry animal feed have come together to help the agricultural industry and vulnerable people during the COVID-19 crisis, in a novel way.

Automated milk cup boosts number of piglets weaned at the sow

Arriving in the UK late last year, the Opticare Automix from Zarkos-Smith Associates (also known as Swinco internationally) has already proven popular with farmers, as it allows larger litters to stay with the sow without being labour-intensive.

Supplement protects pigs against in-feed viruses, study says

Recent trials suggest that pigs consuming feed supplemented with pHorce, from manufacturer Anpario, were protected against in-feed viruses, had lower mortality and significantly increased average daily gain.

New drop-out window panels safeguard pig welfare during heatwave

Recent record temperatures and prolonged spells of hot weather have prompted pig housing specialists, ARM Buildings, to offer farmers an additional means of safeguarding pig health and welfare in artificially-ventilated buildings.

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