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Alternative funding helps farmer set up poultry business from scratch

Twelve months ago, TJ was a full-time welder. Now he’s a poultry farmer supplying 30,000 eggs a day to one of the UK’s leading food companies. As diversifications go, that’s quite a shift.

Avian flu: Top scientists join consortium to tackle outbreaks

Eight of the UK’s top scientific organisations have joined forces in a major new consortium, the government has announced.

Making every gram of poultry feed count

With escalating cereal prices and volatile commodity markets, production margins are shrinking dramatically, and the poultry industry is being urged to examine strategies that focus on maximising feed utilisation.

Three new avian flu cases confirmed in a single day

Defra has confirmed H5N1 at premises in Suffolk and Nottinghamshire.

New data shows scope to improve broiler intestinal health

The latest data from Elanco’s Health Tracking System (HTSi) shows an overall drop in broiler intestinal health, highlighting a crucial opportunity to improve feed efficiency and bird performance, with potentially significant financial benefits.

Wormer offered at more cost-effective price to support egg producers

Elanco is offering its in-feed de-wormer Flubenvet at a more cost-effective price to help sustain egg producers during a period of unprecedented increase in the cost of production.

Using advanced detergents for effective cleaning

Cleaning poultry houses with a foaming detergent is now a well-established and safe method. Evans Vanodine’s global animal health division manager Peter Thompson outlines the benefits of new advances in gel detergent technology.

Avian flu: Bird housing measures to be lifted

Bird keepers are being urged to maintain scrupulous biosecurity standards as the risk of avian influenza remains, chief vets say.

Supermarkets criticised for “suffocating” egg production businesses

British free range and organic egg farmers are considering a mass exodus from the industry after major supermarkets refused to help them cover spiralling feed and energy costs, reports the British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA).

Free range egg crisis: Farmers call for immediate price increase

As farmers are hit by huge cost increases from all sides, the UK’s major retailers are being urged to immediately increase prices by 40p per dozen to save the sector from catastrophe.

Avian flu continues to spread in Suffolk

The third case of H5N1 has been confirmed in the east of the county this month.

Free range eggs no longer available in the UK as avian flu outbreak continues

Compulsory bird housing measures have now been in place for more than 16 weeks as the UK battles its worst outbreak of avian flu to date.

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