The Swifterdisc provides swift and affordable soil cultivation

Bednar Swifterdisc is a short disc cultivator which has been developed for uniform cultivation in order to maximise the mixing quality of soil and plant residue, creating a homogeneous material with the plant residue to allow decomposing quickly and evenly.

Cultivator and drill ranges prove their worth

Sole importers of the Kockerling and Virkar ranges of cultivators and drills, Samagri says its experience using the products on its own farms means it can advise farmers on the best machines for their business.

UK manufacturer announces new and updated seeding and cultivating machinery, with plenty more to come

New and updated drills and cultivation machinery would have filled Weaving Machinery’s stand if the LAMMA show had gone ahead. David Williams visited the UK-based manufacturer for an exclusive preview.

Weldable tungsten tiles improve farm profit margins

There are a growing number of success stories from using Ferobide weldable tungsten tiles across the UK and worldwide, with the key benefit being better profit margins on-farm, according to UK manufacturer Tenmat.

Arable farmers boost profits by saving money on wearing metal

Sustainable cost reductions are key to improving the profit levels of arable growing across the UK – particularly in a year when adverse weather has reduced yields and profitability. Saving money on wearing metal is an efficient way to do this, with lower running costs allowing higher profits, says manufacturer Tenmat.

New trailed stubble cultivator from Pöttinger

With the new TERRIA stubble cultivator line in the trailed stubble cultivator sector Pöttinger presents a new solution that will be available from November 2020.

6 steps to manage soil and black-grass around harvest

Decisions taken during harvest can have repercussions 12 months later. With farmers determined to recover from a difficult 2019/20, what steps can they take to increase the chances of a successful crop next year? 

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