Weaving launches new Fenix Grass Drill and Front Tank

Weaving Machinery is continuing its mission of providing robust and innovative machinery that meets the real needs of UK farmers, all at affordable prices. Launching this spring, the company’s new Fenix Grass Drill is designed to be compact but powerful, ideal for mixed farms and contractors.

One drill, different options

With a full set of tine, disc and new LD low disturbance options you can now have all the kit on one drill to get the very best from your land.

The versatility of the Omega seed drill

The Omega seed drill is reliable, versatile and designed for establishing a wide variety of crops in virtually all conditions, both in relation to soil type, rotation and moisture.

Trial confirms maize yield benefits from precision drill

The DeltaRow approach delivers yield and quality advantages by giving plants around 70 per cent more space to develop.

Cultivator and drill ranges prove their worth

Sole importers of the Kockerling and Virkar ranges of cultivators and drills, Samagri says its experience using the products on its own farms means it can advise farmers on the best machines for their business.

UK manufacturer announces new and updated seeding and cultivating machinery, with plenty more to come

New and updated drills and cultivation machinery would have filled Weaving Machinery’s stand if the LAMMA show had gone ahead. David Williams visited the UK-based manufacturer for an exclusive preview.

Pöttinger to launch virtual trade fair

As Covid-19 prohibits face-to-face machinery trade fairs, Pöttinger will launch its new products for the 2020/2021 financial year directly into its customers’ living rooms and offices, with a new virtual trade fair this month.

Don’t discount delaying drilling

With last autumn’s wet weather significantly impacting winter cereal crop establishment, many growers will be contemplating bringing this year’s drilling dates forward into late September or early October. ADAMA’s Bill Lankford therefore examines why this strategy goes against all best practice advice for controlling black-grass populations and explains why – alongside weed mapping, rotation planning, cultivation technique and herbicide programmes – delaying drilling is still one of the key tactics for beating black-grass.

Delayed drilling still essential for black-grass control

After the sodden conditions last autumn, some arable farmers may consider drilling wheat earlier to guarantee a decent area next harvest. But threats such as grass weeds and virus carrying aphids are both more of an issue in early drilled crops. Bayer’s Darren Adkins gives his thoughts on how farmers can balance the need for wheat area with pest and weed threats.

Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme

Farmers who drilled oilseed rape in July and August without applying a pre-emergence herbicide will need a tailored approach to weed control this autumn.

Strong first-quarter sales for pioneering manufacturer

At a time of unprecedented uncertainty and challenges for businesses throughout the world innovative family-owned UK agricultural machinery manufacturer Claydon has reported strong sales for the first quarter of 2020.

700 farmers take to the fields to begin pea drilling season

Thanks to the mild and dry weather conditions the UK has been enjoying recently, the annual British pea production has begun, allowing around 700 farmers to take to the fields to officially begin the drilling season.

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