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High capacity 12m drills join premium line-up

Vaderstad has announced its first 12m drills which will join its existing seeding line-up, during an online press conference in early November. David Williams reports.

Claydon launch exciting new mounted drills in 2022

Claydon will launch a new range of mounted drills at Lamma ‘22. Building on the company’s 20 years’ experience of this technology, the nine Claydon Evolution models take direct strip seeding to the next level.

Soil improvement, cost and time savings result from switch to direct drilling

Time and cost savings and an improved soil structure have resulted from a move to direct drilling for a South Downs family farm. David Williams reports.

A summer of new launches for British izona

The izona range is the brainchild of farmer and engineer, Martin Lole who is well known in the industry for being the leading force behind several popular machinery brands still operating in the UK.

Stubble cultivation combined with a pneumatic seed drill

For most farmers, sowing catch crops directly as they cultivate their stubble is the easiest approach, as it avoids an additional pass and reduces working time, effort and costs. This is why Lemken now offers a combined pneumatic intercrop seeder for its cultivators and compact disc harrows, allowing farmers to utilise the optimal time for sowing and benefit from immediate erosion protection.

World-renowned tillage, seeding and planting company acquires US-based manufacturer

Vaderstad AB, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, has acquired 100 per cent of North Dakota-based Agco- Amity JV LLC (AAJV). AAJV – also known under the name Wil-Rich – will be fully integrated into the Vaderstad global group of companies under the company name Vaderstad Inc

See the latest direct drills in action at Cereals 2021

Minimal soil disturbance and cover crops are the cornerstones of conservation agriculture. Demonstrators in this newly expanded area at Cereals 2021 will showcase and discuss the benefits of their machinery as it relates to direct drill, min-till and no-till solutions for arable farmers.

Weaving launches new Fenix Grass Drill and Front Tank

Weaving Machinery is continuing its mission of providing robust and innovative machinery that meets the real needs of UK farmers, all at affordable prices. Launching this spring, the company’s new Fenix Grass Drill is designed to be compact but powerful, ideal for mixed farms and contractors.

One drill, different options

With a full set of tine, disc and new LD low disturbance options you can now have all the kit on one drill to get the very best from your land.

The versatility of the Omega seed drill

The Omega seed drill is reliable, versatile and designed for establishing a wide variety of crops in virtually all conditions, both in relation to soil type, rotation and moisture.

Trial confirms maize yield benefits from precision drill

The DeltaRow approach delivers yield and quality advantages by giving plants around 70 per cent more space to develop.

Cultivator and drill ranges prove their worth

Sole importers of the Kockerling and Virkar ranges of cultivators and drills, Samagri says its experience using the products on its own farms means it can advise farmers on the best machines for their business.

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